Healing Your Birth and Conception: A Reiki Healing Experiment

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Try this every other day for a week or two then note any changes in your life and being.

Invite your spirit guides & allies if you wish

Send Reiki, using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or intention, to your birth from just before the labor starts until you take your first unassisted breath. If you like send with the intention that those around the infant you can choose to receive Reiki as well.

If emotion or memories arise let them flow and release. If they are intense stop sending to the past. Breathe into the emotion and send to yourself now until the intensity lessens then resume sending to the past. When you feel you have worked as much as you comfortably deal with for one session stop sending Reiki. Healing is not a race to be run. It is the rebuilding of that which is unwhole. All need sufficient time to integrate changes or else risk plunging into overwhelm thereby causing crisis in the present and halting the progress of healing.

Once you have worked with your birth for a time use this process to send to your conception. I also suggestion treating the time of pregnancy. Try treating it as a whole or divide your treatments for the months or trimesters. Use whichever feels would be the most effective for you. Again if you are willing send the Reiki with the intention that those around you during these times may receive it as well.

May All Beings Be Healed

May All Beings Love And Be Loved


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I find this to be an absolutely fascinating concept. Reiki is always powerful. It is my feeling that working in this way could bring relief to many levels of previously “healing-resistant” discomfort.

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