Connect With Your Inner Child: A Reiki Healing Experiment

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Create a visualization, or take one you already use, to make a sanctuary filled with love and healing for yourself and your inner kids. Fill it with the most beautiful things you can think of such as ponds of clear sparkling water to swim in and big gnarled trees perfect for climbing. Populate it with unicorns, friendly dragons, dolphins or whatever you wish and your inner children would enjoy playing with. Invite your Guardian Angel (or spiritual equivalent) and other guides to spend time with you and your inner kids there. I particularly suggest inviting a parenting type guide. Inner kids often need lots and lots of hugs to help them be healed beyond what a person doing inner child work can provide themselves. I have found asking my Guardian Angel and my spiritual Mother to do this is profoundly healing. Ask what being of light you relate to best for this. If you relate well to Mother Mary ask her to help reparent your inner kids. If you relate to Kali Ma or Kwan Yin ask one of them. When I first started working with my inner kids they doubted my ability to properly protect them so it was vital to my work to find someone they trusted to do the protecting until then.


Invite your spirit guides & allies for assistance and support.

Visualize you are in your healing sanctuary. Send Reiki, using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or intention, to your inner child. If more than one appears send to them all. As you send Reiki hug your inner child and explain what Reiki can do to help heal sadness and other things that hurt. Tell your inner child how you want to help it heal because you love it and will never leave it. If old feeling surface do not resist. Let them flow until they are gone. If it does become too intense ask your guides to reduce the intensity or to help you stop and deal with that emotion/memory when you can handle it. Give your child a cuddly stuffed toy infused with Reiki. Tell the child to hug the toy whenever it feels the need. If there is more than one child give them all a copy of the toy and send reiki to it regularly as well as specifically to the inner kids. Introduce your inner kids to your Guardian Angel and to the guide who is to help reparent the kids telling them how they can go for help to these guides at any time for any reason including extra hugs. Ask the children if there is anything that they need to tell you. When a child is healed it will meld into the adult you. Sometimes they ask and others they just melt in so do not be surprised when this happens. When you are done tell the inner child that you will be back and until then they can stay and play there.

Even the most loving home can have incidents that leave marks on one’s psyche. This is not about blame or about is what caused my wound bad enough to be worthy of attention. If there is a wound it deserves healing and worry about who’s wounds are worthier later. IMO healing works best when all aspects of an issue are addressed. In other words do not just use Reiki and other energy techniques. Use psychotherapy, support groups, self-help books, etc. as needed. i personally found John Bradshaw’s book Homecoming: Reclaming and Championing Your Inner Child and Alice Miller‘s books extremely helpful.


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