Ghosts Are Not Pets

Posted on September 7, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Archangel Michael, Healing, Spirit Releasement |

They are confused spirits who deserve healing and the chance to make a conscious choice about their situation. Just as a decent human being would not stand for a ill person being made a spectacle of we should not leave souls stuck in an earthly limbo. Call on all beings who have that soul’s highest good as their intention to come to it’s aid. Sometimes it takes several requests before the person is able to cross over so please check back to see if more help is needed.

It frankly horrifies me that people endlessly reliving the most terrible events in their lives are an object of amusement. Please have mercy on those stuck in an endless loop of fear and pain, wondering where their loved ones have gone and why are all these strange people living in their homes. Ask for help for them. Don’t leave them in a state of bodiless nightmare. If the ghost truly wishes to stay their guides won’t (and cant’) force them to cross the veil. Again they deserve the right to choose and the help to know that they can choose.

Now if you are encountering a negative being it probably is a thoughtform (animate energy that takes on a life of it’s own) or something not human to begin with. When in doubt call on Archangel Michael to deal with anything that is negative then request help for healing and assistance for everyone else.


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