Please put me out of work before I even get started

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Sometimes I think of doing Reiki professionally in addition to treating family, friends, & those who put requests on the healing lists for free. I like the idea of helping people for a living, in fact making them feel wonderfully relaxed and even blissed out. So far I haven’t made any moves to bring this day dream into reality. In fact I am defeating my purpose a bit by encouraging the people I know to get attuned themselves whether by a local Reiki master or one of the online free attunements. Add to that I have posted on here several times about the free Reiki attunement teaching lists.

In the end I figure the state of the world is more important that my potential livelihood as a Reiki channel so here I am again suggesting everyone interested please check Reiki or whatever healing system that floats your boat. Look up local Reiki masters and see if they offer Reiki Shares or free mini treatments if you have never experienced Reiki yourself. Find out if it suits you or not. Or join one of the Reiki lists that accept healing requests then ask for help and see what happens. Check out their teaching files and check your local library for books on energy healing. The world needs as many Healers as possible. Those we care for can always use the loving support. I personally would be grateful for my Reiki attunements even if I only used it for the normal aches, pains, and bug bites of life much less the help it has provided me with more serious issues.

I have come to believe that healing skills like Reiki are everyone’s birth right. It is up to each individual whether they accept this gift or not. I hope some of you who read this will put me out of business before I even get started and take up Reiki as well.

Diamond Heart

GrassRootsReiki Usui Reiki I, II, & III

Reiki_On Usui Reiki I & II for both people and pets

Reiki_Path Usui Reiki I, II & III plus others

ShamballaLove Shamballa Reiki plus many, many more. Explore the archives to accept previously sent embedded attunements.

DolphinHealing  Sekhem-Seichim Healing System

More free attunements – use your judgement and always as a precaution just in case say before accepting any energy infusion, Reiki or other, “I only accept what serves my highest good” or words to that effect.

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