The Power of Gratitude and Blessing

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Recently I have been gifted with finding nice clothing at charity thrift shops that is lightly used or even new to replace my worn out clothing. Abundance has an issue for me so for me to find such nice clothing so i can afford to get several shirts instead of one is a thrill. Even more wonderful is that when I send thanks and blessings on those kind people who donated that clothing to charity, to the charity itself, and the Universe/Goddess/God is I now feel the energy of it radiate from my heart and hands! When kindness is extended to me or others such as a stranger holding a door for me or I see someone leave room in a car lane for someone pulling out of parking to merge into traffic I said thanks in person and sent silent blessings their way. I don’t know why I am finally feeling this but it is a wonderful thing to actually feel the energy explode out of my heart and hands in a flash starting last week. I always believed my gratitude was being sent out but now I know and it is a beautiful feeling. I am grateful that I can feel the power of my gratitude and blessing as it is sent out into the world.

As this is now Thanksgiving Day where I live I thought it appropriate to share this and most of all I hope all who read this will receive the Blessings the Universe has in store for you.


Diamond Heart

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