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Starchild Earthlog Nov 18th The Earth Awakens to the Light…..the Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passions

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I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

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Diamond Heart

The Earth Awakens to the Light…..the Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passions

Patricia Weber of Canada sent me a mail a few days ago saying that we, as Lightworkers, needed to perhaps rethink some of the ideas and concepts that we have been working with recently. I think that as we move into this new place, we are really going to have to think about how we can support ourselves and others, and how we can support a person and love them, even if we do not accept their view of life. Again, I had a mail from a reader in Spain to express how hard it was to live with her family because her way of seeing life was so different from theirs. Yes, indeed, but that doesn’t make it right or wrong. I guess it is only deep and unconditional love that will make it acceptable for us to be with others and to understand that what they feel is their truth and is valid for them. It need not be so for us, and we can be accepting of that and of them.

As Lightworkers, I think we need to see the Light and not the Darkness right now. Another friend wrote to me yesterday about the how we were were having to accept all that was “dark” in ourselves and not to fear it or reject it. Yes, I would just express it differently, I would say that we are having to accept what we feel and to be ok with what we feel, no matter what it is. If we are angry, there is a reason for it, it is better to accept that and to find out why, and to make the changes that we need, rather than to just “accept” that we are not being loving and that we are in “fear” and go on with life. Anger is a signal that all is not well, so don’t repress it, be with it, and find out what it is telling you. If it seeks changes in your life, then make those changes. It takes courage, it takes strength, it asks you to be in your Personal Power. It asks you to keep re-creating yourself as you learn more about yourself and who you are and what you want in life.

The intense Light is bringing intense change. One of the greatest changes is the ability to be Passionate and to connect with the Passions of the Heart. We are clearing out old coping mechanisms that say if you feel passions, then you are “bad”. So many people say to me that they cannot find their passions in life, and this is one of the main reasons why. We repress our feelings and we don’t allow ourselves to feel the depth and intensity of what happens within us. We probably learnt this when went to school and had to suppress our natural energies to sit behind a desk all day and think. After a while we shifted totally into our minds, and we learnt to think rather than feel. And so, we judge each feeling…,that is good, that is bad……,and our mind sets up a control system over the Heart and its feelings, not allowing any expressions of powerful intensity because that is ‘bad”. And so, in times when the light intensifies and we feel in an intense way, we feel “bad” literally within our bodies, because we cannot cope with the intense waves of passion and feeling that are passing through as.

We were designed by a Loving Creator to be able to hold these energies. These waves are nothing more than an expression of Divine Unconditional Love. Our recent activations of our Light Bodies, the Solar Light Body and the Galactic Light Body, mean that we are wired to carry these Cosmic waves that express Love and Joy. But, right now, we are having to re-boot our inner computers to allow us to feel and express these powerful waves in our bodies as well. The so-called “Ascension symptoms” that we feel in our bodies occur when the physical body tries to align with the Light Bodies, and feels blocked and unable to carry the energy. Right now we are “blowing out” all the blocks so that we can carry our full quotient of Light in our bodies. And these blocks are ways of being and perceiving that block the flow of passion from the Heart and Soul that seek to be expressed as Love in the World.

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The Earth Changes Channeling from Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

The Earth Changes Channeling

Johannesburg – 02 August 2004
TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MICHELLE & THE LIGHTWEAVER PLEASE VISIT Please keep in mind that just reading this information will activate a process and shift for you. It is not the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, but you will still benefit from reading it and aligning your consciousness with the associated Master.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of deeper understanding, of expanded consciousness, of integration and of _expression. Greetings, beloved one’s. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you all upon this evening, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved one’s, as we gather with you this evening in the presence of the Christ consciousness, we bring to you as a group, and to you as individuals, information that we trust you will integrate in a manner and that will serve to awaken deeper levels of understanding within the hearts and minds of your fellow travelers, as well as within your own heart and mind.

More and more people ask “What is happening to this planet? In the year 2012, will everything come to an end?” Much of the information that has been written to date has manifested fear in people’s hearts and in their minds. Because they do not understand that humanity as a collective consciousness can affect how the changes impact on your planet and all its inhabitants, they feel afraid about the current & upcoming changes.

It is important that you understand that this kind of change has happened before. The planet has experienced polar shifts before. This is evident in history.

It is also important to know that humanity, in this particular timeline, has an advantage, which could in fact pose a problem, but with understanding the problem can most certainly become the solution. The difference is that humanity has far more knowledge and far more intellect than the last time the planet went through this kind of shift.

Other earth changes that have been recorded in your Earth’s history have been the times of Lemuria, and the changes of Atlantis. History is repeating itself where humanity has reached the point of self-destruction because of the lack of light. I say “lack of light” because of the lack of understanding and the lack of sufficient knowledge that can empower people to fully understand what consequences their actions create. So let me make it very clear that the darkness I speak of, is the darkness manifest due to a lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, and lack of wisdom, as well as the lack of love. Without love, light does not exist. Without love and without light, ignorance, fear and negativity become the order of the day.

Now if you observe the changes that have taken place within humanity’s consciousness over the past 25 years, you will notice there has been a steady progression in the expansion of consciousness. The consciousness I speak of is that of awareness, where more light is coming in the form of awareness, knowledge and understanding. However with this knowledge, more questions are arising, and with more questions come more answers, and with more answers therefore, more questions. And so the process begins to mushroom into a whole new and even more profound level of consciousness.

During the time of Atlantis people had learned how to utilize the power of nature by harnessing its forces. However, due to lust consciousness, being the abuse of power, greed and selfishness, the process of self-destruction played out. This was a time, one might say, when the lords of lust and the lords of light were in battle. The battle that took place was also between many highly adept alchemists, wizards, sorcerers and witches – the great manifestors.

This is where we could say white magic and black magic played itself out, hence the lords of light and the lords of lust. Those of lust consciousness adopted a belief in fear, in lack and in loss, and through that wanted to control and own most of what was in their environment. Their belief was that the more they could control and own, the more power they would have. That power would maintain their comfort zone and be a manifestation of more power. Therefore, no loss and no lack. This abuse could not be tolerated and as I have said, it moved into a process of destruction.

Now your planet and present timeline consciousness has been playing out along very similar veins. Most of you are already aware of the fact that 10% of the earths population either controls or owns 90% of the earth’s resources. This is in itself a severe imbalance. Modern technology has unraveled the use of other forms of technology that you would not be able to begin to comprehend. You would honestly believe that it is a manifestation of some kind of science fiction novel, or movie. But let me tell you, it exists. The researchers of your governments do not sit and play computer games all day. Serious research is conducted 24 hours of every single day, of every year. That research of technology has manifested in many levels of separation.

Now without going into too much of the highly sophisticated and advanced technology that the scientists of your planet have figured out, we will speak about technology that all of you are familiar with, of all of the gadgets that are supposed to make your life easier. Many of these gadgets emit radioactive rays. This impacts upon the environment. The radioactivity breaks down the negative ions in the environment, creating positive ions, which is a form of pollution, which not only weakens and breaks down your organic vehicle, but it does the same to everything else that is organic in the environment.

There are already people within media who are gaining more interest in the earth changes, and we believe that not too long ago it was written in one of your newspapers that the magnetosphere over Southern Africa is becoming weaker and weaker. The earth’s magnetic field, which is responsible for maintaining the magnetosphere is becoming weaker because of the pollution of various frequencies impacting upon that particular structure of energy.

Three thousand kilometers beneath the earth there are immense changes happening as well. The inner core of the earth is expanding. There are other core points of the earth that are cooling, which is also resulting in many of the weather changes upon your planet. All of this activity is for a purpose and has manifested as a result of certain actions.

Now it is important that we explain every aspect of this to you, so that you can see that it is a natural process and one that could not be avoided, because it is a part of the evolution of the planet as a being. And it may not need to manifest to the extent that it may manifest, if humanity as a consciousness can begin to pull together and live a more conscious lifestyle. So here we shall begin to speak more of what is happening to the earth, and then we shall move on to how humanity’s consciousness can contribute to supporting the changes as opposed to making them worse.

In fact your solar system is moving into a new energy space. There is already scientific documentation that this is happening, and I urge you to find out more about this. This solar shift is impacting upon the magnetic fields of other planets and affecting their atmospheres. Mars has already experienced changes where there has been a thickening of its magnetic field. Jupiter is experiencing magnetic shifts. Uranus’s magnetic field has already doubled in its intensity, and Neptune and Uranus appear to have had a recent polar shift. Other evidence that things are changing within the solar system is that since 1975 volcanic activity upon your planet has increased by 500%. Since 1975 earthquake activity has increased by 400% and between the years of 1963 and 1993, the manifestation of natural disasters such as floods, tidal waves, hurricanes, twisters etc, have increased by 410%. All of these are as a result of many of the changes that are taking place within your solar system, and not just upon your planet.

Of course it is important to know that the sun itself affects your planet and that the moon is undergoing shifts. Its magnetic field is also increasing. Now, as this is happening and the magnetic field on planet earth is decreasing, many things come into play. The impact of the lessening of the magnetic field on the human as a being is not entirely known as yet. We can however say that what humanity is currently experiencing within themselves, is as a result of the weakening of the magnetic field.

One of the side effects of the weakening of the magnetic field is people having difficulty maintaining balance within their bodies energetically. It will also affect people in that they will have difficulty maintaining physical balance, not being able to literally, stand up properly. Mood swings are another of the symptoms, and the emotional body becoming erratic and volatile in its _expression, and in the person’s ability to try and maintain some level of balance. People may find that at times this is easy, and at other times extremely difficult.

This is why the masters and many other grand teachers have been stressing the importance of becoming more consciously aware of how your actions affect the planet. Blindly moving through life with absolutely no consideration for other forms of life has created problems. The ozone layer is becoming weaker. This you have known for a very long time, but what we have found is that still much of the human race has not grasped how serious this is. Much of the human race has not grasped it because they do not understand it. Why is this? Because humanity still to a large extent believes in separation and duality.

Now no one can blame humans for thinking this because everything in your world confirms and affirms separation. If you are not united, as in physically joined to a tree, to a flower, to an apple or a banana, to a monkey or your mother, then how on earth can you be one with it? We say this because this is how many humans understand energy. Many people do not see the physical manifestations of Spirit, so if God is not dropping in for tea, (or any of the masters or angels) then how on earth can it be real, and how can you be one with it?

Therefore it is up to each and every single individual, through their own experience of manifesting unity, to guide others to understand the same. If a person does not understand that using products that are full of chemicals, are going to poison the earth, there is absolutely no reason for them to stop. But if people begin to understand that if you use products that poison mother earth, the seeds that you plant will produce poisonous food, which will then be lacking in nutrients and vital minerals. Your cattle will begin to die, or even worse they will produce young with deformities. Even their children may be born with deformities. The lack of education regarding such subjects has become a problem beloved ones.

Now moving out of rural consciousness and into suburban consciousness, there are even those who we would consider more dangerous, who do the same thing. The difference is that they have more resources at their disposal to cause damage. Let us look at the major companies of the planet that are responsible for manufacturing products that have poisons in them which are poisoning the earth. Because they are such large entities very few people will make a stand. One of the reasons why a stand is never taken is because the majority of society has absolutely no clue as to what is going on, but it is becoming evident by the impact that it is having upon your children. For those of you who are becoming more and more sensitive you are finding that your bodies are beginning to reject certain foods, and certain drinks, and that you are reacting in an allergic manner to products used upon your bodies, and in your environments. All of these beloved ones, are also red flags to show you that something is not working in harmony with the earth. What is being created and produced en masse is not for the good of the whole.

Now some people, (maybe even those who may come to read this material), may think, “Oh my goodness, there’s someone else, another conspiracy theorist, running off at a tangent.” This has absolutely nothing to do with that. This is fact. And if anyone who wishes to take the time to research the archives of many research institutions, and many of the faculties in government, you will find hard evidence that this is in actual fact true. The more you know, the more tools you have at your disposal beloved ones to make changes.

What we are trying to explain and bring into understanding, is that to become more conscious, is to become more responsible. The more responsible you are, the better the chances are that mother earth will be able to completely detoxify herself, and to bring her body back into balance. How do you think your body would be able to function, if every single day you were pumping very dangerous poisons into your body. Add a little sprinkling of rat poison or a few of the ingredients of many of the detergents used to your salad dressing, and see what that does to your body. This is what is happening to mother earth. She is being poisoned. This is also contributing to the shifts, because she as a body is also having to adapt and to support herself, in bringing her health back into balance.

Now let us take you out into space again to show you why you are all one, and how everything affects everything, even if it is out of your vision. As a result of all the shifts taking place within your solar system, more and more plasma is growing. This is resulting in many of the planets becoming brighter. All you need to do is to look up at Venus, and you will notice how much brighter that planet has become. And the plasma is expanding and increasing in many other areas in outer space. With all of these shifts and changes, thickening on certain areas, and thinning in other areas, the dangerous gamma rays are slowly also beginning to seep through, and this is very dangerous to the human body itself.

Again, within your physical reality, if there is more conscious living, you will be able to make sure that the impact is not as severe as it has been in past shifts, and as severe as it can become.

Humanities consciousness is now undergoing an even deeper shift because you are moving out of 3 dimensional consciousness, and into fifth dimensional consciousness. The magnetic changes automatically bring this about. Your planet is also already fully in the photon belt, and the photon energy is impacting upon your lives, upon your emotions, and upon your world collectively.

The journey through spiritual evolution has brought about a lot of understanding, but it has also manifested an immense amount of fear. Much of what has been written about and predicted by many prophets has already manifested, however, much of it has not manifested. And it is important that we bring this information to you now, because this also shows you that what has been predicted can be reversed. All predictions are based on a probable outcome, which is information gathered and based on past predictable behavior. So if the predictable behavior is changed, the prediction no longer manifests. And this is the aim of making all of this information available to all of you, in order to make you aware of how these shifts and changes taking place in the consciousness of humanity and within the physical structure of your earth and the solar system, can bring about changes that will support your earth, as opposed to destroying her, as has happened in the past.

Here also, it is very important that we remind all of you that as you have consciously chosen to make changes in your life, you are contributing to the shift in the collective consciousness of your planet. Each individual’s change makes the collective change. The more you learn, the more you know, and the more others will come to learn and to know.

So the whole modern movement in spiritual evolution is great cause for celebration, because even though all of this activity is taking place on a physical level, spiritually man is evolving at a rate that has not ever been recorded in earth’s history. The combination of intellectual intelligence, coupled with the strengthening of emotional intelligence, is creating the integration of spiritual intelligence. Beloved ones, without spiritual intelligence, one cannot be balanced. So physiologically humans have evolved, and intellectually humans have evolved, and those were the first two aspects of humanities evolution. And now the vital conclusion of that evolution into the golden age is the union of emotion and spirit.

That union of emotion and spirit, brought into balance with the physiological process and the intellectual process, will bring all the elements together to allow the state of evolution and ascension that your planet is working towards, to happen. This manifests in the greatest blessing of all for your planet, and that is the marriage and union of spirit and science.

Therefore it is very important for each person to understand the science within themselves, to understand that spirit animates each one of you, and that there is a science within that animation. It is important to understand that everything that has brought life, as you know it into creation, was as a result of that fusion of spirit and science. One could not and cannot exist without the other, and growth cannot reach the full potential of _expression and experience without spirit and science together as one.

So the spiritual movement as it is becoming more commonly known at this time, is for a very, very valuable purpose, and all of you actively building platforms upon which to build your lives, are the catalysts in creating the union between science and spirit. Everything that is breaking down within governments and organized institutions and religion, is a part of that process of bringing about deeper understanding and awareness, and expanding consciousness. This is so that people can feel empowered to individually and collectively stand up to the powers of lust, in order to bring balance back to the earth, and to bring balance back to life. That balance will re-manifest itself as the process of evolution revolves through another spiral of geological _expression and physiological ascension.

Now let us also tell you that many of the changes happening in your solar system, which are affecting your earth, are impacting upon your physical body, which is also bringing about what is being termed as the mutation or awakening of dormant strands of DNA in the human body. The frequencies of the earth are also increasing, which is allowing less density to be present, and of course the less density, the faster the rate at which energy vibrates. Therefore one is able to shift into other dimensions of reality.

Many of you are experiencing instant karma. It is not so much instant karma beloved ones. This is evidence that you are working in fifth dimensional consciousness. The fifth dimensional consciousness is such, that as you think, so you create. So if you feed energy into fear, what happens is that fear manifests. You invest energy in light, and light manifests. Now what happens is that many people are vacillating between the two, because third dimensional lower frequency still affects many people. So, on your good days, you find yourself experiencing higher levels of consciousness. This is also influenced by the shifts and changes within the magnetic fields of your planet. The reason is that you too are made up of electro magnetic energy. Magnetite is present in the human brain, so it also impacts within all the aspects that the brain governs and rules, and even those that you have not yet tapped into. This results in the neurological system being affected.

So there you can see how you are all connected to every level of energy within, upon and around your planet.

Now the geomagnetic field of the planet is being affected by the electromagnetic energy that is being created through a lot of modern technology, and especially many of those that you are not aware of. This is impacting on the animal kingdom. Birds, whales and dolphins, mice, and even molluscs use the geomagnetic fields to travel. Whales and dolphins however use the total geomagnetic field, not to find direction, but to assess the depth of water to know where it is shallow and where there is land. Now, where that geomagnetic field is affected, whales and dolphins beach themselves. If you go back in history not too far past, you will see that when there have been times when dolphins and whales have beached themselves, the geomagnetic field has been going through a severe process of shift, a kind of polar shift. So in actual fact, the polar shift is already in motion and the so-called prelude is not such as many have believed it to be.

Again, this is the reason why we are giving you this information. Because the more you know how it is affecting your planet, the more you can do to ensure that what has been playing itself out, does not continue in its intensity.

So beloved ones, taking responsibility for your life as an individual, by imagining yourself as a planet, as a body of light within the solar system you can begin to understand how important it is to take care of that planet, and in order for it to provide all of the resources required for all its inhabitants to function properly and in optimum energy. You can call the inhabitants of the your planet (your body) your organs and everything else that makes that planet (your body) tick. By taking full responsibility for ensuring that you know as much as you can possibly know, about what your actions, your thoughts and your words do, the more you are able to contribute to the change. We are not speaking only of your physical actions, but of your internal reactions as well.

We said earlier on that the moon’s magnetic field is also increasing. Now I’m sure that many of you are aware of the fact that on the day prior to the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon, many people behave like lunar-tics, behaving in ways that are out of character. There is an immense amount of emotional energy during that time when suicides, murders, rapes and violent acts take place, more so on these three days than at any other time of the month. Now because the moon’s energy is becoming stronger, you are also witnessing many more violent acts. This is where the moon, in a way, is supporting the process of revealing what is out of balance in society, within their emotional and within their mental bodies.

So, the more spiritually aware you become, the more emotionally aware you become. The more emotionally aware you become, automatically your spiritual awareness expands, and with that, your intellectual awareness and strength can be utilized to create physical change, that will support the physiology of your body and the physiology of your environment. So everything works together. Again, a perfect example of how everything is interconnected. How the moon is helping mother earth, and how the shifts and changes going on within your solar system is creating that shift, not only physically, but within the planet’s consciousness, which is automatically allowing for the process of shifting into different dimensions to take place.

Many people have asked whether the day will come when they will be able to shift from one consciousness or dimension into another dimension, and be consciously aware of it. The answer is absolutely yes, because the more you take responsibility, the better your chances are of experiencing it. The more you take responsibility, the better the chances are of your planet surviving. The more responsibility you take for you, the easier it will be for you to lead by example. Always remind yourself that if you want to see change happen in your world and within the great community of the collective consciousness, and even within your own intimate space, you have to be that change. Therefore there is only one way to lead and that is by example.

The more you learn, the more you understand, and the more you know. Share this with others. If you observe someone doing something out of ignorance, and you feel the moment presenting itself is apt for you to go forward and share that information with the so called ignorant one, then go ahead and do it. For far too long people have retreated within themselves not wanting to get involved. Lack of involvement so to speak, has separated the majority of humanity from their spirit, from their heart and from their mind. So the separation of the heart and the mind is a direct reflection of the separation between spirit and science. And all of that separation has manifested in the different religions, each one of them condemning the other and trying to convince everyone that their path is the only path, and through that they create wars. No one wants to get involved. No one wants to take it upon themselves to truly walk their talk, to live that truth and to make the effort to find their authentic selves. Why? Because they might be judged, they might be criticized, they might be rejected for who they are and what they have to say. All the years of shutting up has manifested in what your earth is experiencing today. So beloved ones, the news for you is that it is time to come out of the closet, and to show your true colours.

Many of you sitting in your individual space, and we speak not only of those present here this evening, but also of the ones who will come to read these words, say, “I will serve, I want to serve, I want to make a difference. How can I make a difference? I will represent the divine. I will protect other kingdoms.” But the moment many are placed within that spotlight, all the fears, all the programmes and insecurities rise to the surface, and one shrinks within oneself. Beloved ones, we do not say this in judgment, we are simply expressing the observations that have been made with many who are truly wanting to go forward and make a difference. And you can, if you will all work together. Take responsibility for your individual process, but open your heart, open your mind and open your life to welcome those who have the same so called mission, and together you will achieve this. So, with expanded awareness comes more focus and concentrated effort. Those efforts have a stronger impact on the social environment and collective consciousness and eventually that becomes the norm, because more and more people will see beyond the illusion and recognize the truth.

The way this will happen is that the more people come out and speak about what they know, about what they have discovered and intuitively feel, and the more people research their intuitive feelings, the thoughts impressed on the mind, and find the evidence, the more people will sit up and listen. Many people have said, “I will only believe once I can see proof”. Go and find that proof. You will not find it sitting in the comfort zone of past belief systems and programmes, waiting for Commander Ashtar or any other being of light to manifest in your office, or between you and your television set, telling you “Here I am, this is real.” It is time for that spiritual movement to take place, in other words, the movement of spirit being motivated by your spirit, to do something different. And that will manifest through each one of you in your unique ways, and those unique ways will create a powerful collective group of energy that will be able to support the process of change.

Now we will start with the questions, because these questions will give us the space to give more of the information that is important to you.

Question: I would like to know what will happen to people on the planet in 2012, with the tectonic plates moving, which presumably they will do. What will happen to the people on the planet? Will it be that some of them will move into another dimension because they are vibrating at a different level?

Answer: First of all sister, the tectonic plates move quite regularly, and as we said earlier on, since 1975 the frequency of earthquakes has increased by 400%, which is as a result of that tectonic movement increasing. By the year 2012, there will be a great difference in humanity’s consciousness. The planet, as you know it, will not disappear. As the tectonic plates are shifting, certain parts of the world are sinking, and other parts are rising. In fact for the full cycle of the polar shift to take place, in a way that one would see for example, Australia disappearing, and Atlantis rising again, could take anything between 1200 and 5000 years. So when they speak of the year 2012 being the year of that shift, it is the shift within humanity’s consciousness. It is the way that humans relate to life. You are accurate however, with regard to the dimensions that people will be able to access. There are already human beings who are successfully moving between dimensions, materializing and dematerializing their bodies at will, and utilizing the systems of energy available to them to educate humanity. Some of the “advanced teachers” of your world, who utilize the combination of both science and spiritual technology, are those who are able to do this. These are the ones who understand those frequencies, and what they bring in the form of teachings are there to assist those who recognize the opportunity, and go with it. So from now, leading up to the time of 2012, there will be more and more opportunity for people to evolve spiritually, and experience those levels of ascension in a more conscious manner. There will also be the opportunity for those souls who are not at the point of wanting to do that, to exit the planet by leaving their organic vehicles behind. So far, according to current, let us say, galactic statistics, 1.5 billion of the earth’s population will successfully go through the process of ascension. As you will understand it, of being able to move out of the third dimensional lower frequencies of fear motivation, and of being controlled by poverty consciousness, lust, conditional love and victim consciousness. They will have moved into the higher realms of living through prosperity, unconditional love, victory, divine love etc. This is then known as the golden era.

Question: Is there a critical number of people required to make a meaningful change, and how far are we away from it….(inaudible)

Answer: You have already achieved the so called critical mass required to bring about those changes, which is why we said earlier on that it is cause for great celebration. South Africa is the leader of change for the rest of the planet, and many of the shifts and changes culturally, and spiritually will take place in this country. There is such a diversity of energy here that it is possible for this to take place, this was initiated by a great teacher who came into power ten years ago. This teacher who you so fondly call Madiba, is one of the grand masters of light who manifested in a physical body to initiate this change. This man, Mandela is known all over the world as being one of the leaders of the greatest change that has taken place within world affairs.

Other areas of impact that have already attracted the world’s attention is Zimbabwe. Harare will become one of the cities of light. You can imagine Zimbabwe as a woman heavily pregnant, who is now in her state of labour and preparing to give birth to that new child of light. Zambia is another place. There it is more the mineral kingdom that is undergoing a lot of change, in the sense of bearing the impact of what has taken the form of the rape of Mother Earth. Madagascar is another place where the mineral kingdom is bearing the impact of the rape of Mother Earth. It is clearly evident that Iraq; the Middle East and America are also being affected by the impact of these changes, and the impact these changes will be having upon those areas of the world, and the citizens of those places.

Russia will rise with very valuable information, and in fact some of the Russian scientists are among those we have spoken of, who work fully with spirit and science and are bringing information regarding the changes taking place on all levels of life physically and etherically. Asia will experience, what we might call a detoxification wave, where victim consciousness and lust consciousness will be exposed to the rest of the world, bringing with it immense shock. That detoxification process will be the catalyst in many other so called “cans of worms” being opened. England, with the eventual complete break down of the monarchy will also show an immense amount of change.

Question: Could you say more about……(inaudible)

The application of the consciousness of community, a kind of sisterhood and brotherhood, by those, we will call you, “wounded healers” coming together, to assist those who are still sleeping and whose wounds are so deep that they are unable to move beyond the abyss they find themselves in. In fact brother, it always and only boils down to one thing, and that is to do whatever you can in your power to lead by example, and to ensure that the example is for the good of the whole. When one lives with that intent, one automatically attracts to oneself every opportunity required to make it possible, and to make it a reality.

Question: Master Kuthumi, were the Atlanteans human in form and did they experience a polarity shift? ……(inaudible)

Answer: They were most certainly human in form and yes, and a polar shift did take place. This was induced by the manipulation and abuse of energy during that time. If you study the various levels of evolution within humanity’s intellect, within their emotional and within their spiritual development, you will notice that there has been a rapid expansion in that particular field, from that time leading up to the present day. As more and more energy is being utilized and people are understanding it in a different way, it does make it more dangerous. It is difficult to explain how much more, because the earth has not as yet experienced that particular impact. The earth has come close to complete destruction on several occasions, but it has never reached that point exactly, where there was nothing left. But if the evolution of humanity continues as it is, without anything changing from this day forward, and people stop their personal growth, and even reverse behavior to as little as fifteen years ago, within the next 200 years, planet earth will no longer exist. That is the difference.

People have asked why it is that the Masters now have such a keen interest in planet earth, and many other forms of consciousness beyond what you are accustomed to knowing. It is because Gaia has asked for this help. She has sent out an SOS so to speak, and we are responding. There are many other civilizations that have heard this and come forward to assist. This is another of the reasons why there has been such an explosion of information, and modalities. All of this has been made accessible in order for humanity to make the changes necessary. Her final SOS went out on September 11, 2001. You call it 9/11. That was Mother Earth’s 911 call to the Universe.

Question: I am aware that it is August again. Do you have anything to tell us about the opening of the Lions Gate?

Answer: This is the second wave of the Sun Chakra. Last year was the first wave of this activation, which is known as the Sun Chakra, and is situated between the base chakra and the navel chakra. The activation of that chakra brought with it a new wave of creative energy, and with that energy a new level of information and consciousness, and more opportunity for people to access information that has not been accessed before. We speak of this information being accessed through forms of creative _expression, and of the receiving of imprints through imagination.

The second wave is bringing about the feminine aspect of this. Last year was the masculine aspect of this. This was also initiated through the Venus transit, which took place not so long ago, and the Lions Gate that was held last year by the white lions, this year is held by the golden lions. This too, supports the influx of the Golden Children, who are being born at a rate of knots at this time, and is also one of the reasons why many women are bearing more than one child at the same time. Because these souls are coming to continue what all of you are, in a way, being pushed to initiate and carry forward. The second wave of the Sun Chakra is also allowing humanity to feel safer to go into them self and explore their own vulnerability. This is not having to be done with intent, because it is happening automatically. People’s lives are changing with little effort, and it is through the relating of masculine and feminine that many of these changes are emerging. So it is these two aspects or energies of that Sun Chakra frequency that completes itself in this year. Let us also add at this time sister, that one of the gifts coming from this energy, is that the “blind” will “see”, the “cripple” will “walk”, and the “deaf” and “mute”, will “hear” and “speak”. We do hope that you understand this?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, in this age of busy-ness that we find ourselves being caught up in so often, are there specific angels that we can call on to help us to expedite what we should be doing?

Answer: There are angels for absolutely everything, did you know this? So perhaps you can call upon the angels of unbusy-ness, yes? Or perhaps you just need to call upon your angel of balance, yes? Now, to be a little more serious sister, it is a state or process of becoming conscious of how one reacts or responds to activity in one’s personal life. Some people do not respond well to an immense amount of external activity in their lives, and are better suited to other activity of a more gentle nature. You are one of those who work well being more active, mentally and physically. Part of your process of change now, is taking the mental energy and allowing it to manifest through creative energy, creative _expression, and therefore the manifestation of new systems of living within your personal life. Note that much of this will automatically manifest through your personal process of addressing what you have set your intention to address. So it will show itself to you. It is then up to you to decide what you will do with that information and energy. We suggest that you ask Spirit to assist you in aligning your energy with all the levels of consciousness………….(tape ends)…….This is an individual journey.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, greetings. In January this year I celebrated the wonderful gift I received from Spirit. ……(inaudible). Is there something you can tell me about what I did to receive this gift. It’s important to me because it will serve as part of the experience for this process (of teaching).

Answer: Brother, it was a process of intention, and of you actively committing on a conscious level to making a change in your life, and consciously choosing to participate in a frequency that would benefit the whole, as opposed to any kind of selfish gain. You moved out of the matrix of conditional love and _expression, and you moved into the template of unconditional love and _expression. By living that principle, you attracted to yourself that blessing.

Question: (Inaudible)…..

Answer: Beloved sister, every person, who has come to this room and who will read these words, is experiencing this energy for a purpose. The reason why we say this is because all of you are a vital link in the chain of life, and it is what you choose to do, or not to do, that will determine the energy that you contribute to the changes taking place within your personal life, and to the planetary changes taking place. You are fast approaching a time of great change. This particular change may take you upon a journey, not only a figurative one, but a literal one. This journey will reveal to you a deeper understanding of everything that you have experienced in your lifetime to date. It will also help you understand the patterns you have manifested, patterns that cause limitation and even at times your own tendency to sabotage your own efforts. This will revolve around certain issues of trust in your life. There is a deep solar plexus healing taking place. The solar plexus is the seat of the emotions. It is a kind of emotional maturing that you will go through, and that process will in a way, catapult you into a new lifetime. That new lifetime, or experience, is how you will be able to best serve, or in other words, live your divine plan.

Question: (Inaudible)….

Beloved sister, this is not your choice to make. What you need to do is to live your truth. By living this truth, you will show the way, which means that when they are ready to join you, or fit in, or follow, the way will be clear for them to do it. As hard as it is for you beloved one, it is important for you to remember that you cannot force the change. You can only be it. Acknowledge that by you accepting their current place within their own personal development, they will be able to accept you in your current place and experience. In a way this is known as unconditional love. It is human to want to bring those whom you love along. But to unconditionally accept those whom one loves the most can be difficult. So it is to accept what you cannot change now, and to trust that it will change in its divine time. Your husband and your children have chosen a path. You are showing a way, and you need to allow them to also live the way that they have chosen.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, do you have a message for my friend, xxxx?

Answer: There are certain people on the planet who are known as “earth processors”. What we mean by this is people who not only go through their personal process of healing, but who also take on the process of the collective consciousness. This often manifests in severe depression, and people feeling they are completely disconnected from life, from Spirit, and even those whom they love. Many of them feel that life is one big cosmic joke, and sadly some have taken their own lives. It is important that he understand that he is one such soul. It will be of benefit for him to work with someone who understands this concept and who can gently guide him out of that state. Try to encourage him to do something creative, even if it is writing about how awful he feels.

So, beloved ones, we do hope that you better understand how you are all connected, and how all the changes taking place on a planetary level as well as in your solar system, are influencing your present experience. We hope you also understand that your present _expression of what you are experiencing, is affecting the impact of those natural changes. Remember that responsibility, expanded awareness, education and knowledge, do mean added power. The power to make an informed choice, and the power to make positive changes. This empowers you as an individual, and the more the microcosm empowers itself, the more powerful the macrocosm becomes. Therefore, the more you take back your power, and search for the truth that you are inspired to seek, the more you will be able to empower others. Each of you are able to do this in unique ways.

In your field of current life experience you will be given the opportunity to do this. Do not limit how this can happen through any narrow-minded expectation of how it can manifest. Simply open yourself and open your being. That energy emitted, and the intention set, creates a powerful energy. This strengthens the magnetic field of your planet. The more balanced humanity becomes in body, mind and spirit, the stronger your electromagnetic energy becomes. Therefore the output of magnetic energy is purer, which therefore enhances the magnetic energy of your planet. With sufficient people, collectively and consciously working towards this and taking individual responsibility, you will have a collective force taking responsibility, which can and we believe will, reverse much of the impact that has been written about and predicted, which has given rise to so much fear in the human race.

An example of this reversal is that Cape Town was predicted to be completely submerged by a tidal wave. Table Mountain would have been an island. However, due to the collective consciousness, effort and energy, the celestial body that would have impacted upon the earth that would have resulted in that tidal wave, did not manifest. That is the power of the human force. This is why we say that the more responsible you become and the more knowledgeable you become, the more powerful you become to make positive change. Look at your present field of current activity, and identify how you can make a difference. What can you do and how can you apply it? Look at what your current strengths are, your knowledge and wisdom, and how you can utilize it to make a difference, in your life, your family’s lives and in the lives of your community. The problem that has manifested in the dominion of the material world is that people spend so much time chasing money that they have forgotten to look at the community’s needs, and initiate change there. When the community is rich in knowledge, when they are rich in spirit and are equipped with the tools that will sustain their lives, everyone benefits. Wealth in all its forms, and abundance upon all levels is equally distributed, and that is one of the paradigm shifts that need to take place.

The polarity, which has consisted of the separation of male and female, is coming together. It is the union of the creative self, and the manifestor, the God and Goddess, that will allow this to be. The more you embrace spirit, your Goddess self, and the more you embrace science, your God self, the more empowered you will become and the earth shifts taking place will come into balance.

South Africa has energy available to it that can be harnessed. That energy harnessed and projected with the right intent, can bring healing to the rest of your world. Many of the new leaders of light are emerging from South Africa, and will spread through Africa. Mother Africa will give birth to some of the greatest bringers of change that the earth has ever come to know. All of you are a part of that process. In your unique and individual way you allow that to happen. This is why so much is changing so quickly for South Africans. This is why so many who have left the country are feeling the pull to come back, because they know that this is where change will come from. The activity taking place 3,000 km’s below your earth is also showing the change that is taking place deep within the core and the heart of Africa, and all Africans. So don’t be afraid to show your true colours. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation for a reason. Your true colours pave the way for the rest of the world. The shift in consciousness that will take place in South Africa, and will also show that the rapid depletion within the energy over this area will begin to strengthen a lot quicker than anywhere else around the world.

And so it is beloved ones that we embrace you in your full power and in the full light of All That Is. May each one of you feel the inspiration to research the avenues of information and energy that will bring you deeper understanding as to how you can and will bring about change. May you know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are the planet and that you are the solar system, and that you are a reflection of everything happening around you, and that what is happening within you is manifesting outside of you.

May each one of you feel the faith inside of your heart to persevere and be patient and trust in your own ability. May each one of you trust that life will support you, and that life will bring you all that you need. May the light of the God/Goddess self, of your fully mastered self and the God/Goddess light of All That Is, be the beacon that guides you on the path to find your truth. May the love of your God/Goddess self and Source Of All Life, bind you to that truth. May all that you require manifest for you in harmony, under grace, and in perfect and miraculous ways. Know that you are the polar shift and you determine to a large extent how it will affect your planet.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Light and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai.

Michelle Eloff
Metaphysician, Crystologist, Lecturer, Clairvoyant,
Teacher, Trance Voice Channel, Author, Counsellor,
Soul Coach, Conflict Management Mediator, Soul Psychology, Psychocybernetics.

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StarchildGlobal Earthlog Oct. 28th : The Joy and Compassion Choices

Posted on October 30, 2007. Filed under: Ascension, Ascension / Descension, Celia Fenn, Co-Creation, Collective Unconscious, Hundredth Monkey, Paradigm Shift, Peace |

I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Please click on the link to read the entire Earthlog.

Diamond Heart

Earthlog October 2007 October 28th : The Joy and Compassion Choices

Then, my friend Will from Michigan in the USA wrote to tell me his experiences of hearing the Dalai Lama speak about Compassion and how it affects our daily lives. I was delighted when he shared his story, as Archangel Michael oftens tells me that the Dalai Lama should be a kind of “role model” for those who would be spiritual leaders and teachers. What he means, as I see it, is that the Dalai Lama is both a Spiritual Leader and a person who is active in the real world. he leads in a spiritual way, but he also makes people aware of what is happening in Tibet and what needs to be done to assist the Tibetan people. He lives in both worlds, the Spiritual and the Physical. He is a “grounded” spiritual leader, and his teachings affect the daily lives of many people in positive ways, as does his presence when he speaks.


Dear Lightworkers, now, at this time, expressing Love and Compassion in the Real World is so important. Being out there as a Light and Shining your Light is so important. Being able to bring Joy to Others is so important.

When people ask me why they feel so bad, I often say, because you have chosen to feel that way. It is not a conscious choice, maybe, but a past life decision that you made when you decided to accept the religions and prophecies that were focussed on the “end” of the Planet through War and Catastrophe. For many lifetimes, perhaps, you have seen life as a headlong rush towards some huge and transformative disaster where lots of people get killed. It is this belief in the Collective that political leaders who seek nuclear wars and world war III are drawing on when they attempt to create these scenarios. By accepting that there will be a great disaster, we are helping them to create such things.

Let it be now, at this time, that we as Lightworkers, give up the disaster and catastrophe perceptions that make us depressed on a deep level, and focus on the Joy of life.

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Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

Posted on October 28, 2007. Filed under: Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters, Ascension, Ascension / Descension, Attachments, Celia Fenn, Chakra, Channeling, Cleansing Techniques, Co-Creation, Energy Cleansing, Entity Removal, Guided Meditation, Kuthumi, Mary Magdalene, Michelle Eloff, Paradigm Shift, Peace, Spirit Releasement |

I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians
Co-facilitated with Janosh

This was a very special workshop for me, since my meeting with Janosh was so obviously guided by Spirit. I had originally intended to do 3 workshops with other presenters, and then do this one with just myself and Archangel Michael. But, after meeting Janosh in Amsterdam, I was more than happy to share my “sacred space” with him. The image above comes from Janosh’s “Holy Grail” series, and incorporates the Magdalene energy, which is so much a part of the Grail legend and experience. For me, working with the Divine Feminine energy means that I work to carry this energy myself, and so facilitating with Janosh was a wonderful way of celebrating the coming together of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

This is probably my favorite image from the Netherlands tour. It expresses, for me, the essence of the Twin Flame energy, in Spiritual terms. It was taken in Janosh’s gallery in Amsterdam. I see the essence of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming together in the service of Spirit and the Higher Good. And this is essentially what the Twin Flame energy is all about. The image behind us, is one of Janosh’s works called “Time Shift”:

While we were there, we could definitely feel the energy of the Arcturians flowing from the vortex of the image and asking to be sent out into the planet as a way of reminding people of the huge shift and transition that is taking place between now and 2012 and beyond. There are many great cycles of time and experience that are at a point of change and transformation. The Cosmos is changing, the Galaxy is changing, and so is our Solar system and the Earth. We welcome in the New Solar codes that are being transmitted to us from the Galactic Center, and we thank the Arcturians for bringing us these powerful codes through the visual art of Janosh. Here is another image that I took in his gallery, expressing the transformations of the Earth within the Cosmos:

In our combined workshop, Janosh shared a Multi-media presentation that helped people to get in touch with their deep spiritual essence – what I call the “Cosmic Human”. It was a very powerful combination of visuals and music and meditation. This was follwed by Archangel Michaels’ channeled activations session called “The Perfection of Who You Are”.

Since Janosh and the Arcturians had worked to activate the “Cosmic Human” or the infinite part of our being, Archangel Michael worked to activate and transform the “lower” bodies, the Mental, Emotional and Physical, so that the transformations could be felt and experienced on every level.

The Perfection of Who You Are
An Activation/Meditation through Archangel Michael

To begin this meditation and activation, you will need to first connect with your “I AM” or Higher presence. This is what we call the “Cosmic Human” or “Human Angel”. That part of you that is infinite and eternal. To do this you can focus on the images above by Janosh, and allow yourself to feel that angelic and infinite presence within yourself.

For, as Michael teaches, Ascension essentially has two components, the first part is this connection with the Higher and Angelic self, that reaching up and finding that Heaven is within you.

The second part is allowing that “Heaven” to descend into the physical form, and this is the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. It is the process whereby Peace and Love will be brought to the Earth plane from the Spirit realm.

So, this activation enables you to prepare your physical being to accept the “Infinity codes” that are being transmitted to the Earth in 2007.

So, to begin the activation, breathe deeply and focus into your Heart Chakra.

Now, as you feel the energy within your Heart Chakra, feel how your higher chakras are open to the flow of energy from Spirit. The Crown is open, and then the Brow, and the Throat and the Heart. There is a clear flow of Spirit from the Higher Realsm and into your Heart Chakra. And so, as you feel this flow of energy, breathe deeply and say to yourself, I AM…..I AM a Cosmic Human…I AM…a Human Angel bringing Heaven to Earth.

And so, as you feel the Truth and Perfection of Who You Are flowing into your being, allow your Heart to open fully and to transmit the energies of Unconditional Love, Compasssion and Gratitude. Unconditional Love accepts All and Loves All. Unconditional Love is based in total Self-Accceptance. For All is beautiful and created form the great Love of the Source, and All is an expresssion of the Love of the Source. For the loving energy of Source creates according to the desires and wishes that you express. So, as you align with your perfection, you align with the Template of Perfection that was placed in your DNA by the Elohim angels who designed the human angelic form with all its potentials for you to explore. So, allow yourself to feel the Unconditional Love that flows through you.

Compassion is the energy that allows you to feel the path of others as if it were your own, for indeed it is. For, you are all One in your state of Love and Perfection. But, as you live on the Earth plane, you experience the blessing of individual consciousness, so you are able to exercise Compassion with Love, and bless the path and being of all who come into your life. For there is a reason for everything that you experience. For you are All One.

Gratitude is the mirror image of the Divine. For when you can look at all that you have created in your life, and say that it is good, then you are truly working with the Perfection of Who You Are. And when you express this gratitude, then your words and feelings flow to Heaven as a blessing that flows back to you, with more blessings and love.

And so, dearest Human Angels, now move your consciousness into your Physical Being, starting with your Mental Body and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here, you can say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy mental patterns that hold me back. I am ready to release all ideas and beliefs about limitation and lack, about pain and suffering, about low-self worth and judgment of self and others. In place of this, I am ready to embrace the new energy of Love and Abundance and Joy. For, as I clear away old patterns I create space for the flow of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude, to be expressed through my physical body, in ideas that create Joy and Abundance and Love. This expresses the Perfection of Who I Am.

Now, dearest Human Angels, move your energy to the next level, to the Emotional Body and the Sacral Chakra.Now say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy emotional patterns that produce fear, anger, anxiety and stress. In their place, I am ready to embrace the the new energy of Love, Peace, Calm and Joy. I am ready to allow my Emotional Body to be used as an instrument to express the higher energies of Unconditonal Love, Compassion and Gratitude. All my emotions will be a reflection of these energies. This will express the Beauty and the Perfection of Who I Am.

And, finally, dearest Human Angels, allow your focus to move to your Physical Body and the Base Chakra. Say to yourself, I am ready to release all old ideas and energies and feelings and emotions about my physical body. I am ready to align with the Template of Perfect Health and Well Being that is within my DNA or physical akashic records. And , as I activate this template, I allow myself to experience perfect health and well-being. As I release all old energy ideas of guilt and punishment and unworthiness, I embrace the idea of my perfection and the knowledge that I can experience this perfection on the physical level as well. And so, I ask that as this template is activated, that I am empowered to release all the old patterns of disease and degeneration that are encoded in the DNA as well, that they may be released and replaced by the perfect codes of the Elohim template for Perfect Health and Well-Being. For this will express, on the Physical level, the Perfection of Who I Am.

And so, dearest Human Angels, as you finish these activations, breathe deeply and feel within yourself, the True Perfection of Who You Are!

And So It Is!

© 2007-8 Text by Celia Fenn, Starchild Global and Images by Janosh, Janosh Art
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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Starchild Fires, Full Moon and Point Zero….the point of the Great Shift

Posted on October 24, 2007. Filed under: Ascension, Ascension / Descension, Celia Fenn, Co-Creation, Paradigm Shift, Peace |

I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Please click on the link to read the entire Earthlog.

Diamond Heart

Earthlog October 24, 2007

Also, as we approach Full Moon on the 26th, I am sure most of you can feel the energy and the excitiement rising. At this time, Pluto, the planet of change and transformation is approaching the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. The last time it was in this position was in December 2006, and it was the impetus for the Great Shift in Consciousness that we have been experieincing this year. And now, at this time, as we move through the Diamond Doorway into the Radiant Light, we are ready to embrace the full meaning of the “Great Shift”.

We have, as a Collective, agreed to make the shift into the Fifth Dimension and expanded consciousness. We have agreed to embrace our Oneness and our Inter-connectedness. We Are All One. What happens to One, happens to All. We have agreed to open our Hearts and to embrace each other with Unconditional Love and Compassion. We have agreed to create Peace, here on our Beloved Planet.

This is what we have come here to do, to create a New Earth and a new society, and we begin with ourselves. We begin by being the change that we want to see on the Planet. We begin by opening our Hearts to ourselves, to our families and friends, and to those in our communities. And, as we shine the Light of our Radiant Hearts, we create a network of Light that shines around the Planet.

Now, at this time, this moment we can call “Zero Point”, when the Full Radiance of the Great central Sun in Sagittarius encounters the transforming power of Pluto – now we are ready to see the shifts and to work for a New Planet. And yes, there is work to do. No one will do it for us. As the Hopi say ” “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” So, at this very special time of the Full Moon, a Fire Moon in Aries, may we make that step forward to respect and love our planet, to respect and love each other, to respect and love the elemental energies, and to strive to live in harmony with them through the choices that we, as individuals, make in our daily lives.

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‘Your Role in the Ascension Process’ Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Posted on October 20, 2007. Filed under: Archangel Michael, Ascension, Ascension / Descension, Channeling |

I am not Ronna Herman (not Archangel Michael either!). I simply found this channeling very interesting and hoped others would as well. Please click on the link to visit her homepage.


PS I am including a comment at the end on why this channeling was of especial interest to me.

Message from Archangel Michael
October 2007 * LM-10-2007


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, if you watch or read the daily news, you must surely be aware that the cleansing of the Earth is accelerating at an astounding rate. No, God is not punishing humanity, and it is certainly not ‘God’s will’ that anyone should suffer. Down through the many ages you, as human Beings, have made ‘God’ the scapegoat for all the tragedies and chaos that have occurred so that you would not have to take personal responsibility for your actions. Your third/fourth-dimensional world is composed of material and psychological structures and, make no mistake, the emotional structures you have created and have accepted as your truth are just as confining as the material structures you have built.

Consciousness/creation/manifestation in the higher realms are fluid and malleable, and are redefined and reconstructed at each higher-dimensional level in order to be compatible with the vibrational patterns of that reality. This is the process that is taking place on Earth, and within and around each human Being on the earthly plane at this time. The more rigid, fearful and resistant to change a person is, the more difficult the transition process will be for him/her. Beloveds, you must be willing to let go of those things in your life, which includes relationships as well as material things, that are no longer compatible with your new ‘State of Being.’ You will find, as you move swiftly forward and upward on the path of ascension, that whatever you are leaving behind will be replaced with people and things of a more refined level which will be much more meaningful and important to your future existence.

In this universal experience, YOU are the important ones. YOU are the major players. It was YOU, the StarSeed, who agreed to separate from your Twin Flame, to fragment and divide yourselves into many diverse facets of Self, to be stretched and refracted to the limit so that the Cosmic Mind could observe and record just how far YOU, the “Divine Sparks” of God Conscious, could be compressed into density without totally losing your conscious connection to the ALL THAT IS. Do not misunderstand what we are saying; you could never lose your connection to the SOURCE, but you could and did become so entangled in the web of density that most of you forgot who you are, where you are from, and how powerful and magnificent you truly are.

We of the angelic realms, and a vast host of other Light Beings, were assigned the task of “guiding, protecting, nurturing and inspiring” you, the Legions of Light, as you journeyed forth into the great unknown. It has been our great honor and privilege to make this journey with you as you bravely traversed the valleys of shadow and darkness, and to watch as you triumphantly emerge back into the illumined Light, and regain your conscious awareness.

Through your petitions, prayers and intentions, asking for your highest good and the greatest good for all, and aligning your will with the Will of our Father/Mother God, we of the angelic realms have been able to re-establish the intimate relationship we originally had with each of you. This reunion of Spirit has grown especially strong with those of you who have followed our teachings over these past years and have striven to heal yourselves in order to return to balance and harmony within the accepted spectrum of duality and polarity.

Beloved ones, these are times of great change, whereby you may have many challenges, but you are also being presented with many opportunities. As you tap into the higher vibrations of the Spirit realm, your subconscious mind is becoming conscious as you release all the distortions and limited thoughts of the past. Your conscious mind is in the process of receiving the vaster wisdom of your higher consciousness via your Sacred Mind. You must begin to trust your intuition and your inner guidance. If the thoughts that come to you are inspiring, loving and offer expanded awareness, then you know you are tapping into the wisdom of your Higher Self, your angelic guides and your master teachers. They are whispering to you and they will never lead you astray, and their voices will become stronger as you perfect your telepathic communication with your Higher Self and the Beings of the higher realms of consciousness.

Know this: You are making a difference. You, the Legions of Light, are growing in numbers and strength every moment of every day, and your Love/Light is now reaching and penetrating the darkest corners of the Earth. The unconditional love (Sacred Love composed of Adamantine Particles) that you radiate forth from your Sacred Heart Center is beginning to penetrate the hardened heart shells of a multitude of those still steeped in the third/fourth-dimensional illusion of fear, limitation and separation.

It is time to let go of and eliminate your sense of isolation, division, and your “I, me, my” mentality. At least from a heart level of consciousness, it is time to abolish the boundaries of race, religion, culture and country, and also the mind-set of being separate from the multi-dimensions of your solar system, galaxy and universe. You are in the process of becoming citizens of the universe, galactic spiritual/human Beings. As you become more proficient as ‘Bearers of Light,’ your influence /radiance will be projected further and further from you in concentric circles and, therefore, your influence will increase exponentially.

As you evolve into a ‘refined state of consciousness,’ many of the old rules of the third/fourth-dimensional reality are changing. No longer are you confined in a shell of illusion and separation. What you think and do gains power and momentum, and you truly are becoming a dynamic force for good which affects everything and everyone around you. You have no idea how powerful you are and how much more effective you will become, and how many wondrous gifts await you on your journey into en-LIGHTEN-ment.

Down through the ages, you have played many roles and assumed a great variety of forms, along with the attributes and talents that fit the persona you chose for a particular life’s experience. When you came into your individualized consciousness so many aeons ago, you contained a vast portion of your Creator-consciousness, but the monumental task of becoming a cocreator separate and apart from the SOURCE was new to you, for you were also ‘holy innocent ones’ at that time. You have had billions and billions of years to perfect your skills and even though, you, as StarSeeds have refracted and diminished yourselves a prodigious number of times, you still have great knowledge derived from all the experiences of the past stored within your Soul, Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind. You are now in the process of tapping into all the wisdom and skills you have accumulated through the many past ages, and are learning to use your ‘gifts of Spirit’ all over again. That is why the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ is being dissolved so that, as you return to balance and harmony, you can access the ‘wisdom of the cosmos’ stored throughout your physical cellular structure and your vaster ‘Being.’

No longer are ‘young souls,’ those who attained ‘individualized consciousness’ in the more recent universal and galactic past, being allowed to incarnate on Earth during these times of accelerated ascension. It is a time for the ‘wise, old souls of the universe’ to inhabit the Earth in order to assist in the transformation and the unprecedented evolutionary process now in progress. The ‘holy innocent ones’ and the young souls who have recently come into their individualized awareness are being born on many new and wondrous star systems and planets where the spectrum of polarity and duality will not be allowed to swing so broadly and, therefore, their lessons in cocreation will not be as painful or chaotic as they have been for you on Earth over these many past ages.

Dearest hearts, do you truly desire to assist your family, neighborhood, city, state/province or nation to return to balance and harmony, and to speed up the process of the Earth’s return to its pristine beauty? Are you consciously making the effort to anchor on Earth the refined frequencies of Light contained in Celestial Cities of Light stationed in the higher dimensions? We have explained how the Crystalline Grid now fully blankets the Earth; however, it is not yet firmly anchored. It is you, as transducers and conveyers of this refined Light, who will anchor these higher frequency energies, and in doing so you will create the new sacred places and the emerging Cities of Light on the Earth in physical form.

These coming critical years could be called “Bridging Years,” whereby you will be bridging many levels of consciousness, and you will be building bridges (or portals) to the Cities of Light and anchoring them firmly on Earth. You will be building bridges of new awareness between you and your soul family on Earth, and you will be re-establishing and strengthening the connection with the many facets of your Divine Self, including your precious Twin Flame ( if the front and back portals to your Sacred Heart are open), and you have initiated the process of forgiveness of yourself and all others.

As more and more of you radiate your love, and send balanced and harmonious energies out into the ethers, it opens up and builds what has been called the Rainbow Bridge. This River of Life is the pathway of Light, radiating the energies of the twelve major Rays of this universe, which are infused with the virtues, qualities and attributes of the Creator. It is an Arc of Light and a covenant between you, our Father/Mother God and us.

As we have stressed many times before, we do not make predictions, for the free will of humanity can withdraw or add to a probable future at any moment, thereby changing it. As we have emphasized over and over again, ‘You give energy to and reinforce whatever you place your attention on.’ That is why it is so important that you focus on the positive traits of those around you and what is right in your world, instead of what is wrong, thereby reinforcing the positive aspects while weakening or dissolving the negative vibrational patterns around and within you. Do not focus on the shadows or the inequities around you. Begin to view things from a higher vantage point, and look for the ‘big picture,’ instead of getting caught up in the drama of the ‘small story.’ This applies at all levels of existence, and when you are ‘centered’ and radiating positive, balanced frequency patterns, it affects all aspects of your life, as well as those around you, and ultimately the ‘collective whole.’ Beloved ones, you have the tools to transform your life and your immediate environment, and ultimately the world. Be bold in your vision; focus on the positive aspects of your life, and in those around you, thereby reinforcing the Love/Light, whether strong or dim, that dwells within each and every person you meet.

When you align your will with the Creator’s Will, you will be placed among the ranks of the Builders of Form, under the direction of the Elohim, for it has been mandated that all levels and facets of Creation are to be incorporated, expanded and exemplified on Earth at this time. A new blueprint and Divine schematic has been brought forth for Planet Earth in a great all-encompassing thought form from the mind of the Supreme Creator. This plan for the New Age that is now rapidly unfolding, and the Divine Blueprint for the new golden galaxy, which is in the formative stages within the Cosmic Womb of the Divine Mother, is being ‘Seeded’ with the maximum Creator Light in order that these wondrous new creations may be manifested and made a reality as quickly as possible. Many diverse segments of the new cosmic blueprint have been placed in a multitude of great pyramids of Light throughout the higher dimensions, just waiting for humanity to tap into these powerhouses of unmanifested potential, and to bring forth the wonderful new vision that is waiting to be created in the world of physicality.

Many of you seek to know what your earthly mission is for this lifetime and, we tell you, your soul’s greatest desire is that you reclaim the many facets of your Divine Self, and return to the wondrous master of cocreation that you were when you first embodied in the physical. As a Bearer of Light, you promised to be our representatives on Earth and, within, you have all that you need to fulfill your earthly contract. As doubts arise, remember, all of your experiences of the past, whether they were successful or seemingly failures, have given you a wealth of experience to draw upon..Beloveds, shine your Light for all to see. Call on us and we will assist you in every way possible Know that I am with you always, and you are dearly loved.

I AM Archangel Michael

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * Copy freely and share. However, we ask that you share this message in its entirety and give proper credit. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; HOWEVER, WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP DEFRAY OPERATING EXPENSES AND POSTAGE FEES FOR THE FREE LOVE PACKETS WE SEND AROUND THE WORLD.

A few months ago I made an attempt at automatic writing where I asked my guides to take over my fingers and type whatever they felt I should know at that time. I got some stuff about a past life and one particular thing about me having the potential to be a dimensional anchor that didn’t make sense until I read the above channeling. Let me quote the significant bit now:

Dearest hearts, do you truly desire to assist your family, neighborhood, city, state/province or nation to return to balance and harmony, and to speed up the process of the Earth’s return to its pristine beauty? Are you consciously making the effort to anchor on Earth the refined frequencies of Light contained in Celestial Cities of Light stationed in the higher dimensions? We have explained how the Crystalline Grid now fully blankets the Earth; however, it is not yet firmly anchored. It is you, as transducers and conveyers of this refined Light, who will anchor these higher frequency energies, and in doing so you will create the new sacred places and the emerging Cities of Light on the Earth in physical form.

As Spock would say fascinating. Now where do I find the How To manual? sigh I will post if I figure it out or find one!


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StarchildGlobal EarthLog Oct 7, 2007 The Creation matrix & the Adventure Principle

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I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and the
channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find
them so as well!

Diamond Heart

by Celia Fenn

October 8th: The Creation Matrix and the Adventure Principle:
October continues to be a time of pressure and change for all of us. As we move into balance within ourselves and move onto the new Creation Grid or matrix, we are being urged to release and let go of all our old energy programs and beliefs. For if we do not, we will continue to create these distorted patterns, and will not be able to reach the frequency or level of the new energy grids.

You cannot be in the New Earth energy and continue to create in a distorted way. That is why so many people are having to confront their own old energy patterns of distortion right now. As the Magdalena grids clear and come “online”, those who have been using the old “feminine” patterns are having to confront what I would call their “victim” dramas. These are those creations where you star as the tragic victim of other people’s actions and feelings. Of course, these are your own creations, and you have to take responsibility for setting others up to be the “abusers” so that you may play the victim.

This energy was made very clear to me in the past week on my trip to Montsegur in France. This was the place where the Catholics wiped out the Cathars, and firmly set the “victim/abuser” energy into the Earth’s grids as they closed down the Feminine grid, except for the “victim” energy which was a distortion of the power of the Magdalena grid which carried the energy of the Divine Feminine. From this moment flowed the energy of the witch hunts and the persecution of the Feminine principle, as it manifest in its intuitive and spiritual power. It is this old and traumatized energy that is being released from the Earth grids right now as the Feminine principle returns in all its Solar Power.

How does one best handle these feelings and energies as they whirl around right now in the process of releasing and healing and clearing. Well, Archangel Michael speaks of the skills of Creating in Balance and of using the “Adventure Principle”. When you create from a Heart that has balanced the Masculine and Feminine, and where both are equally powerful, then you will have no distortions. And, when you see life as an adventure in which you can play and have fun, you will avoid the need for manipulative emotional dramas as a way of creating with others.

Please read the rest of this Earth Log here

Diamond Heart

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StarchildGlobal You & Your Crystalline Body Part II

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I am not Celia Fenn, I am just someone who finds her writing and the channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

You and Your Crystalline Body: Part Two The “Human Angel” Breakthrough: Re-Calibration into White Light by Celia Fenn


There is absolutely no doubt that there have been wonderful and miraculous transformations of the human body into a multi-dimensional vehicle for “Human Angels” or the Beings of Light that we all are. In Part One, with the help of Archangel Michael, we discussed how Light and Energies were being transmitted from the Lightbody to the Physical body. In this article, we will discuss that moment when balance is achieved and the Physical body and the Lightbody become One.

We have all felt the changes, but I was excited when I was able to actually see these changes in visible form. I connected with Sheila Moore of San Diego, California, USA, who works with Aura imaging. Sheila has many years experience in working with Human Aura imaging and interpretation. She sent me the images that appear here below, with her permission.

The image in the top right-hand corner is the aura of the new “Human Angel”. The Aura is filled with white light and the chakras are calibrated at one hundred percent active (see the colored blocks underneath the image). This is an energetically powerful being. I have worked with Aura Imaging as well, and I have never seen an aura like this before. This is an ascended being, a Human Angel! Sheila says she sees about one or two of these a month!

Archangel Michael explained to me that this person has recalibrated their Lightbody to the correct “spin ratio” to produce white light. Archangel Michael spoke about the recalibration of the Lightbody in his January channel for Starchild. This represents the moment when the Crystal adult or Human Angel becomes fully activated. This being is a powerhouse – ready to create miracles.

The image just below the Human Angel Aura image shows a person still in transition. The Aura is white/violet/indigo, showing a high degree of consciousness, but the chakras are low in energy. The other two images are also people in transition. The depletion of the chakra energy accounts for the exhaustion that is a feature of the transitional phase.

In the transitional phase, the Lightbody is being “re-wired” and activated. The Higher Self allows the activation at a pace with which the person can cope safely. But the “spin ratio” is kept low, to prevent the person from suffering the side effects of electrical imbalances in the Lightbody.

However, in January of 2006 it was decided by Spirit that the planet was ready for recalibration and reconnection with the Galactic grid. And so, those who were ready increased the spin of their Lightbodies to the extent that the chakra energies blended to produce white light in the aura! The recalibration also brought the chakras up to full power. The Human Angel expresses the full power and potential of the original Human Angel template created by the Elohim to be the vehicle of the Paradise Consciousness.

Holding the Balance
My own experience with this increased “spin” is that it is absolutely essential that you be able to stay grounded and hold your twelve chakra system in balance. Otherwise, you will experience the “power surges” and “power drops” that are experienced by those beings who are “coming on-line” to full Human Angel power.

If you are ungrounded, when the power increases you are likely to lose your “connection” with material reality and become focused into the higher dimensions. When this happened to me I had a most wonderful time with the Star beings and Lightships, even taking photos of Lightships around my house. But my “journeys” started going higher, and I realized that if I did not “ground” soon, I would be leaving the planet. So, my guidance ensured that I grounded my energy into the material plane to hold the balance for the Higher Chakras.

It was actually hard work to ground, but in the process I had to go through what I call the “final clearing” of the “grounding chakras”, the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus. A Human Angel is a Hybrid of Human and Angel. There is a tendency in the Lightworker community to focus on the “angel” or extraterrestrial aspect and ignore the human aspect. This process is not about transforming from a human to an angel, but about blending the human and the angelic in a perfect balance within our beings.

So, in order to support the Higher Angelic being, the lower chakras have to be absolutely clear and open and ready to spin at one hundred percent power. This means that each human angel is totally grounded and at ease with their material reality. Abundance is a reality and a right. Human Angels always have what they need in material terms. That is the gift of the fully powered Base Chakra. What is needed is drawn into their lives, there is no lack or struggle.

The Human Angel is also completely free of Emotional dramas. The fully active Sacral Chakra means that the being has moved beyond “sin” and “karma” to a place of total acceptance and inner peace with All That Is. Human Angels create peace because they know that the Earth is a gentle and loving place, supported by the Love of All That Is, and that emotional dramas and violence are “games of illusion” played by spiritual “children”. When the Sacral spins to full velocity, all emotional dramas are “spun off” to create complete clarity and peace.

The Human Angel is also not dominated or controlled by the Solar Plexus energy of the mind. For many, this is the most difficult step,as the ego mind resists being “spun off” as the Solar Plexus reaches full spin velocity. At full power, the mind becomes what it was meant to be, a part of the whole and not the dominant energy of the Being. You may find that your mind goes into overdrive as it attempts to deal with the increased spin of the whole Lightbody. But it will settle and accept the new balance once it realizes that it is “safe” in this new energy field of white light.

And so, when this essential grounding is in place, the Heart Chakra can function as the “center” of the Being, giving access to the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

Facing Yourself: The Human Angel Breakthrough Moment
As you reach this place of full calibration, there is a “pause” or a moment in time and space when nothing seems to happen. This is a void or womb-like space in which you are able to be fully with yourself and who you are as you integrate all the new aspects of self and birth your new persona or energy as a Human Angel.

This “pause” can be several months long, as your inner vibrations increase and the outer vibrations seem to slow down. Many of you experience this as feeling exhausted and being unable to cope with your normal workload. In effect you are experiencing a rapid rise in your spin ration, and you do need to slow down in the external world to allow the internal recalibration.

In this void or womb-like space you will encounter yourself, your “original face” as it were, to quote the Zen koan. You will embrace your Divinity or your God self, and you will release the fears and insecurities of your lower being. You will discover that you are and always were, safe and protected. You will discover the Love and the Peace within you. You will find your Inner Peace.

At that moment, you will spin into White Light! Another Human Angel is Born into the New Earth!

To find out more about Sheila Moore and her work, visit

© 2006-7 Celia Fenn
Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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StarchildGlobal Energies for Oct 2007: The Awakening of the Planetary Heart and Ascension to New Earth Consciousness

Posted on September 30, 2007. Filed under: Ascension / Descension, Celia Fenn, Chakra, Channeling, Healing, Kuthumi |

I am not Celia Fenn, I am just someone who finds her writing and the channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

The Energies for October 2007
The Awakening of the Planetary Heart and Ascension to New Earth Consciousness

Archangel Michael through Celia Fennmichaelgrid2.jpg
Diamond grid patterns from the Abbey Church at Mont St Michel

Dearest Light workers, this is the time of the Great Awakening, that great and transformative process that you have called the “Ascension”. For indeed, at this time you are ascending fully, as a Collective of Consciousness called a “planet”, from the old Third-dimensional Grids to the New Earth Multi-Dimensional Grid or Matrix.

This is a time for Celebration and Joy. In this month, you will feel the ascension or “lift” in your consciousness as a Joy and Lightness of Heart and Spirit. You will feel the Divine Feminine in her Solar aspect as Creative Energy and Joy as you anchor your Consciousness fully into the Diamond Matrix of the New Earth.

Dearest Ones, sometimes people ask us what this all means, and so we will explain briefly what this process of cleansing, releasing, healing and change. Many thousands of years ago, that which you have termed the “fall” occurred when you chose, through free will, to leave the multi-dimensional matrix of your creation and explore the limitations of the dense structures known as the Third Dimension. For indeed, you are adventurous beings of light! As you allowed this drop into denser energies, your balance was lost and you moved away from the perfection of complementarity or the complementary energies of the Twin Flame, into the imbalanced and oppositional energies of duality. But, you agreed to explore duality as a way of exploring yourself and Who You Were in this denser energy.

And so, as you moved into density you created from within this energy of duality and conflict, and experiences such as “evil” and darkness, of war and sickness and lack came into manifestation. These were all the creations of your imbalances and your duality consciousness.

And then, as the conflicts intensified, the Masculine and Feminine energies came into conflict, and they sought domination and control over each other. Many religions and philosophies were drawn into this conflict, and they lost their focus on the Path of Light and became vehicles for this conflict, and their acts became darker and moved away from the reflection of the Light that they sought to hold.

And then, a thousand years ago, this conflict was ended uneasily when the imbalanced masculine energy achieved “victory” over the feminine energies. The Feminine Grid which carried the Feminine frequency of the God Source energy was “switched off”. We have called this Feminine Grid the “Magdalena Grid”, in honor of the the Feminine Christ Consciousness that was carried by the Magdalene. But, when the grid was “switched off”, it became heavy and dark and filled with the energies of fear and anxiety and depression, which were placed there by campaigns of terror and persecution that were waged against those who attempted to live the truth of the Feminine Goddess energy in their lives. It no longer vibrated to the energy of Joy and Creativity that was its original purpose.

And so, this shift was inscribed into your DNA. You learnt to identify with the distortions of the powerful but controlling masculine energy, and to fear and despise the weak and vulnerable feminine. And so, “victim” consciousness became a part of the story of Who You Are, but it was an illusion based on distortion and contains no truth, for you are indeed all powerful and light filled beings.

But, dearest ones, over time there have been many courageous souls of Light and Beauty who have entered this dense and unstable matrix with the purpose of holding the Light and Truth of Who You Are, and guiding Humanity back to the Higher Consciousness of the Multi-Dimensional matrix. But this decision to return to the Higher Fields of Light had to be made as a Choice of Free Will, just as the choice to leave had been such a choice. And so, in the last cycle of time, Human Consciousness as a Collective made that decision to return together, and so a process of healing and cleansing and re-balancing was under way. The Feminine, or Magdalena grid, is now re-activated and running on “full power” once again, and so the Sacred Heart of the Planet awakens and the Twin Flame energy or Consciousness is once again fully present for those who choose to awaken at this time.

And so – Humanity is ready to ascend from the density of distorted consciousness to the Pure Flame of Christ Magdalena consciousness. The long journey into density is over, and the Pure Light returns.

Humanity is ready to release the products and creations of density and duality, darkness and evil and greed and exploitation. These things will fade from your consciousness as you enter your consciousness fully into the radiant Diamond Matrix of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

Dearest ones, you will feel these changes in your physical body, for your body is a microcosm of the Earth itself. You will feel old energies of fear and sadness being released and new energies of Lightness and Joy coming in to replace them. The Journey and Adventure of Exploration continues, but with a “New Earth” and a New Consciousness.

You will know times, perhaps, when the habits and addictions and memories of the Old Grid with its distortions will claim you for a while, and perhaps you will feel anxiety and depression and fear. But you will also increasingly know the Bliss and Joy and Heart Song of the New Grids as you feel what was originally intended – the Joyous Adventure of Creativity that is called Life on Planet Earth. And gradually, you will feel safe once again to fully use the Divine Feminine energy grids, the Magdalena-Christ Consciousness. You will explore your lightness of heart and soul and you will learn to manifest from the deep desires of your pure and loving heart.

For indeed, dearest ones, it is the time of the Awakening of the Planetary Heart and the Awakening of your own deep Heart energies as the point where the Personal and Planetary energies integrate and converge. As you awaken to the Twin Flame within you, so the planet awakens to the pure consciousness of the Christ/Divine Masculine and the Magdalena/Divine Feminine.

And so, it is achieved. Your work is to allow the shift and to trust that all is well. You will increasingly feel a lightness and an ease and a joy that you have not felt for a long time, perhaps for many lifetimes and for many thousands of years.

Balance will be achieved and you will gradually begin to see this new light manifesting into form on the planet.

The Energies in October

The focus points of this shift into the new matrix in October will be around the Full Moon on the 26th of October. On the 27th and 28th of October, Pluto will be exactly on the Galactic center in relation to the Earth. This alignment of Moon energy with Pluto and the Great Central Sun will create a powerful surge of Solar Divine Feminine energy that will integrate and unite with the Divine Masculine in a powerful manifestation of the Twin Flame.

For the Twin Flame is YOU – You are bearer of the “God Codes” and the central point of Union of the Twin Flames or current of Source Energy. You are the Earth awakening to Full Consciousness.

In November and December there will be three more powerful moments in which you can connect with the Twin Flame energy within your being in a powerful way. This will be at the 11:11 gate on the 11th of November, and the 12:12 portal on the 12th of December, as well as the Solstice at the end of December.

In October the Sun will be in Libra, the House of Relationships and Marriage ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and the bearer of the Divine Feminine energy. May she lighten your Heart with the Flame of Joy as you experience the Union of the Twin Flames within your own Sacred Heart. May you be a joyous guest at your own inner Sacred Marriage of the Twin Flames – the Divine Masculine and Feminine that connect within you Heart.

So, dearest one, at this powerful and miraculous time, we wish you Joy and Celebration. May you “Come Home” to Who You Are and fully experience the Creative Power and Joy of Heaven on Earth. For in Heaven, the Twin Flames are “One”, and here on Earth, the Twin Flames are One within your Heart as you enter into the New Earth Matrix. And so Heaven on Earth is created within YOU – and on the Earth.

And so it Is!

May Joy and Peace Prevail!

madelaine grid

Diamond Grid patterns from the Chapel of the Madeleine at Mont St Michel

© 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchildglobal
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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Goddess Venus and Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff

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Diamond Heart

a message from Kuthumi

channeled by Michelle Eloff

Wednesday, 31 August, 2005 at South Africa

To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet each of you and to bring unto you the blessings of energy, of light, of wisdom, and synchronicity.

Greetings beloved ones.

Is it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Sisters, as we gather with you upon this day in the light of all that is, we create a vibration of love, of peace and harmony to initiate the light grids which Goddess Venus shall come forward to assist each of you in activating, and bringing into another state the harmonious wave of light, for the further ascension and healing of your planet and its

Your world will continue to increase in vibration and awaken at an accelerated rate. This requires more active and conscious involvement in the activation and integration of energy as well as the activation of grid works, portals, webs of light, planetary blankets of light, and whatever else you wish to call it for the purpose of supporting and holding humanity and every other form of living consciousness that shares life with you.

Today Goddess Venus is not only assisting you as individuals, but shall also work with each of you and through each of you to set in place the “buttons”, so to speak, that hold the light for the healing of the sexual chakra for your planet.

In order to begin this process I ask each of you to focus your concentration on your base and sacral chakras and to breathe in deeply visualising light manifesting in these two chakras, with each exhalation release all tension and allow these chakras to manifest a state of peace.

Call forth the presence of Goddess Venus and give permission for her to enter into your energy field for the purpose of the activation and initiation taking place this day.

So it is, I shall now take my leave making way for Goddess Venus to deliver her transmission of light.

Blessings be with you.


Goddess Venus

I am Venus, Goddess of life. Welcome.

Manifesting our presence with you today allows each level of consciousness being affected by the grids of new life to integrate in and through the heart chakra of humanity. As each vibration of love and truth make its way through the heart chakra it penetrates the veils of density that have kept humanities base and sacral chakras in a state of arrested development.

Awakening to life is something you have been blessed with and you shall continue to be blessed with this opportunity to experience cycles of life for the rest of your life on all levels of life.

Today I Goddess Venus, help you to integrate the two faces of the Goddess so that you as a Goddess may make peace with the Goddess you represent, the Goddess of divinity you express, and therefore the planetary consciousness can begin to accept the light brought forth through the life force of the Goddess of all life.

Every Goddess has two faces it is the face of the nurturing mother and the face of the warrioress. This is what keeps the Goddess in balance; this balance is required to be able to support the masculine energy not only of your planet but of yourself. The roots of Goddess Venus as you know her are held in three major areas on your planet, namely Egypt, Greece and England, these three points are currently being awoken on a much deeper level in order to align the higher light of wisdom to penetrate the heart chakra so that healing may take place within the base and sacral chakras of every human on your planet and the sacred sights of your geological system.

The geological system of your planet is a body as well; it is a system of life, exactly like you are. In order to bring healing to the body of life that holds you, you must allow healing to flow through you, and every aspect of humanity that lies in a state of denial will be opened even if it has to be done with force, it is not the darkness that forces it open it is the soul’s need and inner desire to heal and open that enforces the cycles of change to come. All the new grids of light being activated and that have been activated over the past months have resulted in accelerated shifts on a planetary scale for the emotional and mental body of humans and the Goddess’s body.

The Goddess body of your planet is Gaia; she is a living system within a greater body of life. She too has two faces which every Goddess upon the planet assists her in maintaining.

It is very important to see the role of the Goddess, for her task exceeds that of the male, not because she is above him but because she is able to. This does not make her any better than the male but the signature energy of your Universe is a creative one which symbolises the feminine force. The feminine force is depicted by round energy; the masculine force is represented by angular energy, square for masculine, circle for feminine. Every single planet in your Galaxy is round, showing you how feminine in other words the Goddess is responsible for creativity, the masculine force is responsible for taking the creativity and manifesting it into an activity.

The two energies must work together. This symbolises the two faces of the Goddess, the nurturer and the warrioress.

When humanity can accept the warrioress aspect of the Goddess being her inner masculine it will be easier for women to integrate a balance within themselves. You as Goddess’s must now step forth and integrate three new levels of energy which shall manifest synchronistic forces of expression in your life. This shall manifest through your emotional and your mental body. Your physical body will have to integrate this as well bringing into your space many opportunities to reveal the power of the Goddess in both her strength’s wearing both her faces.

The warrioress goddess is often seen as an angry, frigid and isolated women, this is true for women who have not as yet integrated their inner warrioress but have rather attached themselves to the external masculine role or example that was set throughout their life. When the masculine form is missing in such as an absent father either emotionally, mentally or physically. Or a women who is being abused by the masculine force will have difficulty integrating her Goddess warrioress self and become stuck in the external expression of the male form. Now the God also has two faces, however today we are focusing on the two faces of the Goddess.

It is up to women such as yourself to integrate the balanced levels of light in order to ensure all the daughters of your world are able to integrate both faces in a harmonious and balanced manner. This does not limit you to teaching your son’s how to accept, acknowledge and respect the two faces of the Goddess. This is why the Goddess role is so valuable, for it is how mothers influence their son’s and it is this influence that determines to a large degree how the Goddess is seen and treated. When males are taught to respect their inner goddess and to value her contribution in his space, a new vibration emerges, one that sees the value of the feminine presence in everything and the feminine presence can embrace and respect and value the input of the masculine and God force.

For aeons of time you have been taught to see the external influence of spirit being predominately male. All of this is changing. More and more children will respond to the feminine rather than the masculine, not because it is bad but because it does not provide the energy necessary to support these children in manifesting their full balanced self. Today we are visited by 44 Goddess’s of Venus. These Venusian princesses are here to serve with you and will work through each of you by showing you, by guiding you and educating you in assistance of Goddess rituals and ceremony.

These rituals and ceremonies are not meant to limit you, they are meant to empower you and the rest of humanity. There are 4 very important basic ceremonies that must be mastered by all Goddess’s in order for the light of Goddess Gaia to be fully accepted, acknowledged and healed. These four basic ceremonies will assist the healing of the sexual chakras of your planet and further facilitate the opening of the heart chakra and the crown chakra. There is no need for these chakras to continue to be forced open. One does not have to experience blasts of energy to open your heart and your inner eye’s, it can be done in love and grace.

The very first ritual every Goddess must perform and in so doing embraces the blessing of the menstrual cycle. Menstruation is a blessing for the Goddess, blood is life force, a very sacred fluid, Goddess’s have been separated from themselves by associating menstruation with negativity seeing it as a curse rather than a blessing. As more young and mature women embrace their menstrual cycle as a time of powerful psychic and spiritual energy, a time where every women is in full alignment with Goddess Isis the queen of divine magic, you will see the power and creative force of the Goddess emerge on a whole new level. It is the responsibility of the Goddess’s of light and life such as yourselves to teach the Goddess’s of the future the power
within their ability to bleed.

The men(gods) of your world must be taught the sacredness within the Goddess’s ability to bleed, as it signifies the Goddess’s willingness to give of her life force to heal and to bring more magic to the planet. Every time a women sheds life force from her body she is shedding the old imprint of the past moon cycle and opens her entire chakic system to integrate very powerful divine universal magic for every member of her family linked to her genetically, as well as for her intimate partner. This is a very important and very powerful foundation for the proper construction of the Goddess with the purpose of supporting the grounding of the Venusian energy that shall come forth upon the 21st September of your Universal year 2005. This wave of energy will continue to flow through every Goddess until the 21st December 2012. This Venusian wave is for the purpose of assisting all awakened Goddess’s in holding themselves in the light of the Mother Goddess of your Universe and the Mother Goddess upon which you share life.

The second ceremony every Goddess must perform is the Christening of her physical body.

When a female body is christened it is blessed with the Christ light of Mother Goddess. This particular ceremony should ideally be performed on
a young Goddess’s 13th birthday.

Just about every women on the planet has not undergone this ritual and ceremony. It is when this christening takes place that all the Goddess’s in your Universe gather together and unite their energy with the young Goddess coming into Goddesshood and she is blessed with all the divine magical tools of the Universe that she has mastered through every one of her incarnations and it is activated in her cellular consciousness. This accelerates the recall of her memory as a Goddess, as a Priestess, as a Magician, as a Witch, Shaman and a Healer. Therefore divine Sisters it is important that all of you be christened by integrating the Goddess. I suggest that you come together and arrange such a ceremony and spread the word about such ceremonies. The sermon is vital and only initiated Goddess’s of the physical plane may conduct these ceremonies. Is this clear to all of you?

By performing this ceremony you will activate the memory and be able to reclaim your magical tools a lot quicker.

The third ceremony to perform is the ritual of accepting the body combined in three magical forces being the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

The Maiden is the young virgin learning the rituals of the Goddess, preparing her for her time as a nurturer.

The Mother is the time where the Goddess steps into a very powerful cycle of giving life and integrating life. It is a time where she undergoes the most powerful healing and contribution of light to the planet. It is her most fertile time, the time where she seeds the Earth.

The Crone is when the women embraces all her earth years of experience and integrates it into a magical delightful gift of wisdom. Embracing the Crone is embracing the wisdom of all the universes of all the Goddess’s of all the God’s and all levels of experience you have ever mastered. Take a look around you and you will notice how the Crone energy is fervently rejected. Women are terrified of embracing their Crone. This keeps them separate from the wisdom of the divine Mother of all Universes. Separation has paralysed you beloved Goddess’s. It has kept your two faces separate and led you to believe that the face of your warrioress is negative and is often been labelled “The Bitch Face”

The forth ceremony is about uniting yourself fully and consciously with your masculine self, it is the sacred marriage that takes place. Goddess Ishtar has already transmitted at length about the sacred marriage – the union between men and women. When a Goddess is separate from her two faces and when she is fighting her inner Crone it is impossible for her to experience her sacred union. Every time she curses the gift of the menstrual cycle she rejects her power as a creative force in the Universe. Please, Sisters teach the young Goddess’s of your World the beauty about themselves, the beauty about their bodies and everything their body can do, the human body is a Temple of Magic and one that has been severely abused.

White Buffalo Calf Women brought many of these sacred teachings to the Native American Indian people; she is currently walking the face of
your Planet in a physical body and she will travel to every Continent of the World to ignite the flame of consciousness, which activates the memory of the Goddess in every woman. Women it is your responsibility to re-educate your Planet, it is your responsibility to embrace the God Force, to embrace the men of your Planet and to love them, to show them that the power of the Goddess is there as a mechanism of support not an energy that devours them. There was a time when men experienced the Goddess energy in this manner and your world had to undergo the reflection of this by men abusing women. It is their inherent anger of many cycles ago of being abused by women that has led to this behaviour. Karma as you know it no longer playing
itself out. The reason being that if your planet continues to live with the consciousness of an eye for an eye you will keep on repeating the same patterns continuously, therefore one party must choose to forgive rather than continue to reject.

In order to completely shatter the lust consciousness matrix of your planet you must step into your light as a fully empowered Goddess. You must accept yourself as the Divine Feminine Principal, expressing the light, the wisdom and the magic of the Universal Mother in everything you do. You must embrace your qualities of light and master them. The time has come and every one of you are equipped to perform the task. It will be an extremely liberating practise for Goddess’s to merge and celebrate their womanhood together. It will be a wonderful time for women to see each other’s inner beauty, to see each other’s strength rather than reject it. I cannot emphasize enough how old separation is.

It is time now for us to root the Four Portals for the Healing Grids for the Sexual Chakras for your Planet.

Are you willing to assist? Yes.

Goddess’s please join hands with me.

Sisters of light we welcome the full presence of the Mother Goddess of your Universe, your Galaxy, your Solar System and your Planet. We welcome the 44 Princesses of Venus and welcome the Goddess inside each of you.

And now call forth the full power and light of the Mantle of Healing required to heal the sexual chakras of Planet Earth. Goddess’s visualise a red and orange light entering your planet, imagine this light extending in all directions to meet up with the sexual chakras of every Continent.

Imagine your heart chakra opening to connect with the power of your Goddess, and call forth the full power of both your nurturing and warrioress Goddess’s and allow the Universal Mother to channel energy through your Goddess Chakra and for now see it as your heart chakra.

Acknowledge yourself as a vessel of creation, acknowledge Mother Earth as a vessel of creation and acknowledge every Planet in your Solar System as a vessel of creation.

In your mind please repeat after me –

We the Goddess’s of Planet Earth call forth the Power and Light of the Universal Mother and every aspect of her Goddess energy.

We call forth the power and love of all the Goddess’s of our Solar System and the Goddess’s of the Council of Light and offer ourselves as a channel of love through which light shall pass to bring healing to the sexual chakras of our Planet.

We call forth the sacred grids of every individuals soul on the planet that requires healing to their sexual chakras.

We call forth the power and wisdom of the Universal Mother and all the Universal Goddess’s which extend from her heart and ask for the blankets of light to embrace Planet Earth and initiate and fully activate the healing of sexual abuse and lust consciousness on our Planet.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale allow the energy to settle comfortably in your chakras. Now visualise this powerful force of the Universal Mother Goddess’s moving through your heart chakras in a clock wise direction. Each time you breathe imagine it moving faster and faster until it manifests a powerful vortex of energy in the middle of this group.

Universal Mother/Father God we create this vortex of energy to draw forth from this planet the imprints of abuse and all the roots of lust consciousness.

We call forth Archangel Michael.

We call forth Archangel Metatron.

We ask you Mighty Archangels to take control of this vortex and to ensure that all energy withdrawn from our Planet be taken to a place of Light where it may be transformed and returned to our Planet in the form of the energy of Love.

Release your grip now Goddess’s. Place your hands over your heart chakra and continue to repeat after me in your mind

I am a Goddess of Life,

I am a Goddess of Light,

I have consciously chosen and given permission for my highest self of the light to re-educate humanity about the true power, presence and magic of the Divine Goddess.

From this day forward I ask that the Universal Goddess unite her energy through all my chakras and with all the other divine Goddess’s of my Planet of my Solar System and Galaxy.

I ask for the support, the guidance and instruction to live and serve as a divinely conscious Goddess brining light to the Goddess upon which
I walk.

So it is and so I ask it shall always be done.

Goddess’s continue to visualise the light coming forth into your Planet penetrating the body of Mother Earth. Visualise this light seeping into the cells of her body and imagine every cell filled with light being healed of the memory of abuse.

You must now tell yourself it is safe for you to fully accept the Goddess you are.

Tell yourself it is completely safe for you to be empowered, intelligent, and wise

It is safe for you to express, to create and to lead.

It is safe for you to nurture, to embrace, to acknowledge and to heal.

Breathe this into your chakras and just allow your physical body to accept the energy of the words you have spoken to it and the words I have transmitted to it.

Over the next 72 hours the Universal Mother Goddess will continue to channel energy and light through you to set firmly in place the blanket
of healing we have activated. You will be held within the mantle of healing and be given the opportunity to undergo your personal release.

This light will penetrate the core memory in your cells and initiate the process of eradicating all memories connected to abuse, specifically of a sexual nature. The sexual chakras of your planet have been severely abused. In order for the sexual chakras to be fully activated again humans such as yourselves especially females, must heal their sexual chakras and embrace the power within them and fearlessly remember how to nurture and create, how to serve and thrive. It is your divine right to experience the higher qualities of abundance. It is your divine right to be acknowledged and awarded for your contribution to Planetary Consciousness and your rightful place in the Universe to be acknowledged by all others. It is through your example that other Goddess’s will remember. We the Goddess’s of your Universe ask you to create programmes of empowerment to assist the Goddesses of your World remember their power.

We the Goddess’s of your universe ask you to show the God’s of your world the other side of the Goddess, we ask you to let them see the strength of love as expressed through the divine feminine, to see the divine feminine’s strength not as a controlling force or a abusive and invasive energy, but one that can serve, one that can assist this healing wave of energy and will help to heal the Goddess of men who have been subjected to severe abuse by women. This abuse is not limited to this life time, it penetrates every time line of abuse. I trust you understand what has occurred here today? Before I take my leave and hand the energy over to Kuthumi, I am available to answer any questions. Please proceed when you are ready.

Initiate: Goddess Venus, which are the sites that you refer to Greece, Egypt and England.

Goddess Venus: In England we refer to the Tor, do you know where this is? In Egypt we refer to the Red Sea, Greece, we refer to Oracle ofDelphi.

I: Goddess Venus could you just explain to us how things are going to get better, in terms of modern childhood, dark childhood …Question not
clearly audible

GV: This is Lady Mary’s arena but I will transmit. Please welcome her presence to assist.

GV: Separation is always the culprit and fear of the body has contributed to women disconnecting with their body’s ability to do what is was created to do in a safe and harmonious way. Most people have been through severe abuse and it is also natural for humans to reject pain. There are techniques that can be utilized to greatly diminish the pain of natural childbirth. These tools were lost when males infiltrated the childbirth system. Women must reclaim their power to give life, and build trust in their body which is why the ceremonies of the Goddess are so important. There are 5 separate ceremonies for the Mother Goddess. These ceremonies are the ones that take place at the time the mother discovers she is with child, this is usually in the first trimester around about the first six – eight weeks. At the end of her first trimester another ritual ceremony is performed to celebrate the integration of the physical body with the mother’s body. Generally it is believed when the first trimester has completed itself the soul has surrendered it’s physicality to the physical world by remaining safely within the mother’s womb. At the end of the second trimester another ceremony of celebration is performed this is specifically for welcoming the presence of the child’s emotional body and the union with the incoming soul’s spirit parents. >From the second trimester, the incoming soul’s spirit parents are meant to guide the Earth Guardians -the Earth Parents, and give instructions for the duration of the incoming soul’s life and assistance regarding the divine plan they have chosen. The fourth one is at the time of Birth. Giving birth is a
ceremony and celebration of the new soul coming into the world. The 5th one is the actual naming ceremony of the newly born soul.

As more women trust their body’s ability to do what it was created to do and utilise the gifts of life which the Universal Goddess has given to women, she will feel the ecstasy within the pain of giving birth, for the pain does not become something she wishes to separate from, but rather a pain which she integrates as her ability to feel the light coming forth. It will take a while for women to feel safe enough to reclaim their biological magic and to understand and trust that their environment will support them to do what they can do and do, do naturally. In the event of complications there are many levels of intervention that take place with the mother being aware of these levels of intervention. She can still surrender to the soul’s choice of
birth method and not reject herself as a failure, but rather honour the soul’s choice of birth. Therefore if a ceasarian section must be performed it is the divine will of the incoming soul and not as a result of the mother’s fear and current inability to embrace her power. It is however fully understandable that women fear the pain of childbirth and therefore choose methods of numbing the body of the pain. All this does beloved Goddess’s is imprint on the incoming soul that one must numb pain rather than feel and express.

We are also being asked to mention the reason for the increase in dysfunctional behaviour in the new children is as a result of their method of their birth, contributing to this have been toxins injected into their bodies and toxins that continue to be fed into the body as they grow. Does this information suffice?

I: The ceremonies how do we perform the ceremonies?

GV: these ceremonies are ones of celebration and giving thanks. The mother can choose to perform them on her own or with very close and
trusted friends and family and her partner.

These ceremonies are about celebration and include giving thanks for the incoming souls choice. These choices are around choice of parent to
hold the role as Mother and the choice of parent to hold the role as Father.

She (the mother) also needs to link herself with the consciousness of the incoming soul so that she may be properly prepared for its physical presence. The more in touch you become with your Goddess energy the more natural the ceremonies will be. By this I mean you will automatically and naturally respond to the energy. Toning is common in these ceremonial rituals, sending prayers of abundance for the incoming soul and the family structure are also regularly performed. These ceremonies are meant to awaken and remind.

Is this clear?

I: What is toning?

GV: Toning is taking any sound and expressing it either through vibrational humming or holding a note and toning it. Do you understand?

I: Permission for a ceasarian section??? Question not clearly audible

GV: Lady Mary suggests you do a banishing ceremony. This you are to perform when you ovulate, therefore 14 days after the first day of your menstrual cycle you are to begin a ceremony. Light candles and write down every thing you felt if you can consciously remember the birth. When you have completed it read through it, call upon Lady Mary and your daughter’s spirit parents. Acknowledge to them that you accept your daughter’s birth choice. Ask them to help you release your feelings regarding your expectations of your daughter’s birth choice and then burn what you have written. On the first day of your next menstrual cycle light four gold candles and invoke the full power and presence of your Goddess, and allow this energy to wash through you and dissolve the feelings inside of you that led you to feel a failure, that left you feeling sad and angry, and disappointed. Allow yourself to bathe in that energy for at least 10 minutes, take the first shed blood of this menstrual cycle bury it in the Earth and with it those
feelings. Is this clear?

I: Goddess Venus can I ask for myself my own help ways, various physical symptoms I have had lately is this purely my body being cleared if it is what should I be doing and if it isn’t what should I do, is there anything physical I can do to improve my life or any kind of supplements I should take? Question not clearly audible

GV: This be your body needs protein, Spirulina should do the trick, cinnamon and honey is also being suggested for you. ip the cinnamon stick in a teaspoon of honey add 150ml of warm water to the stick of cinnamon and honey let them stand for 15minutes and then drink this.

I: Once a day?

GV: At the moment we are finding out, six times a day. You wanted to know what you needed to do physically, until you feel better.

I: …Question not clearly audible

GV: Sister there is something else, we are seeing in your body, Zinc. Do you eat Soya?

I: Sometimes yes.

GV: How often?

I: Every morning.

GV: This is part of your problem, Soya has a tendency to absorb aluminium, there is a overload of aluminium in your body, you are limiting your bodies ability to absorb Calcium and Zinc, we strongly suggest that you begin seeking an alternative to the Soya.

I: I shouldn’t be eating the Soya?

GV: No.

I: Thank you.

GV: It is my pleasure. Please continue.

I: Goddess Venus, can you give us more information that Goddess … Question not clearly audible

GV: Because you are not accustomed to ceremony initially it would be easiest for you to just celebrate yourself when you menstruate, take extra special care of yourself during that period, excuse the pun!, and nurture your body. Indulge yourself during that time. Imagine yourself as a powerful creative Goddess, it may even be fun to practice a little divine magic by setting very specific intensions with spirit during that time and see what you are able to manifest in your 5 day cycle. With all the ceremonies, it is about celebrating where you are at and the gift that every cycle brings rather than rejecting the natural cycle of the Goddess. Surrender to it and allow yourself to embrace her flow. As more women undertake to embrace the Goddess’s natural cycle rather than fight it, a miracle occurs, the body begins to cease degeneration and manifests a happy and balanced state of being. As one continues to grow spiritually and intellectually with consciousness and awareness the physical body does not have to deteriorate to nothing.

Mothers of daughters, aunts of nieces, grandmothers of grand daughters and friends who have friends with daughters, help them accept their beauty internally and externally. Breaking the mould of external conditioning can be a challenge, but if the Goddess’s of the future see the Goddess’s of the present time celebrating their beauty, their body and their power they will automatically do it. The Goddess is facing her greatest challenge of all time and many of those challenges face themselves in the mirror every day.

It is not about focusing on the external form of the Goddess. It is about focusing on the Goddess as a whole, everything she represents. Everyday should in fact be a celebration of the Goddess. Create your ceremonies according to your individual inspirations and needs. Host Goddess parties rather than Botox parties, these are just suggestions, does that give you a little more clarity?

I: Thank you very much, another question from my part, I have tingling down my spine which just gets more intense, I have been trying to cure
it, is there anything I can do to help alleviate it?

GV: Your Blue & Gold print stored in the cerebral spinal fluid is what is becoming active. You are releasing many levels of past timeline information which is stored in the Skeletal System. The Spine is a library of information. The suggestion for you is to have very gentle massage performed over your Spine, or Shiatsu should also suffice. Visualising an uninhibited current of White Light moving from your Crown into your Spine and exiting through your Base and into the Core of the Earth will give you some relief.

Try and imagine every Vertebrae of your Spine relaxing and surrendering to the flow of the new energy.

Selenite will also help relieve this, you can place preferably a Selenite Wand on your Spine and help it will guide the flow of energy along your Spine, and you can also sleep with it under your bed as close as possible in alignment with your Spine. Is that clear?

I: Thank you.

GV: My pleasure.

I: Can I ask one more question? Would you………Question not clearly audible

GV: Calcite will help your body re-absorb Calcium. Quartz Crystal will help to strengthen your skeletal structure, do you have Bloodstone

I: No.

GV: Obtain some Bloodstone it will help to build the proteins in your body. Amethyst will act as an energetic protection for you. Your Healing Angel is suggesting Coral and Ametrine to be worn physically against your skin.

I: Ametrine? Thank you.

I: Goddess Venus if I may ask one more question? Do you refer to the abuse of men when (Question not clearly audible)

… can you explain that?

GV: In the Temples of Babylon and in that particular era the Goddess’s and Priestess’s that followed the rituals and practices of Ishtar were extremely powerful and there were some of them who crossed a line, one that resulted in the abuse of the male energy. These Priestess’s of the night basically used men as their sexual slaves, not that they were nymphomaniacs but because what they were able to do with energy when they performed the sexual act. Portals of energy were manifested and could be passed through and information brought in when these portals were manifested. It was also a current of energy they fed on to empower themselves. In this timeline men are still being abused, young boys have been abused by their mothers and by other females which have left them feeling as insecure and violated as any young girl does when she is molested. There are many women on your planet who have moods which result in immense anger which they take out on their partner. Not all men are hard core villains, there are a number of men on your planet who are gentle, loving and kind and who experience the same abuse as women. There are men who are physically abused by women violently There are men who are sexually, mentally and emotionally abused by women. It is happening in your World.

A man’s gentle nurturing and kind side is his Goddess side, so again just another way of explaining and proving how the Goddess energy is manipulated and abused.

I: I have been confronted with the mirror of my old self, my feeling is that she might be at my last stage at dealing with my old self and I am going to have to move away from working with her in order to to move away from my old self and return to my own level of my new self…remainder of question not clearly audible

GV: The new identity that you have adapted needs to be grounded if you are meaning to live by that identity. This aspect of your old self that you recognise can be dealt with in two ways and this will be your choice entirely. The first way is to do what you have already suggested and move away completely, second way is to transcend the old self and represent your new self and being a reflection of your higher power and potential for your old self so that the old aspect may also grow and integrate the new life. You must choose what will ever bring you the greatest harmony and a sense of completion.

I: And I have got one more aspect of myself where I would like to ask your insight. I realised this morning that at the moment I don’t feel very successful in creating my own financial security and because of that I believe at this moment about myself that I don’t deserve to attract a man into my life which I know shouldn’t be like this.

GV: You are currently in a passive cycle. This means your natural cycle at this current time is one seeking to go in. When one is in a introspective cycle it can be difficult to operate in a exterior world having to take action to create and provide. Your Goddess seeks balance and there is a great part of you that deeply desires an external support structure that can facilitate certain processes of support so that when your cycle of introspection is upon you, you can completely surrender to it. Your feelings of despondency and disillusionment are not because you are unable or unequipped to perform your task but simply because you are in a passive cycle. Does this explain it to you?

I: It explains it to me but what do I do being single and provide for myself.

GV: Commitment can be very frightening to a lot of people, men and women. In your passive time now you are being asked to scrutinize your fear of commitment, your fear of sharing your space and your life with another. A part of you is afraid of being consumed by another energy, being controlled and dictated to. Look at the independence you fear loosing. Once you understand your fears and merge with the truth within the illusion there will be no reason for you to reject an external support structure in the form of a physical intimate partner.

I: And working with the new arrival gives me the opportunity to work with me new self.

GV: It is a new space and yes it will support you.

I: …Question inaudible

GV: what were the circumstances of your physical birth?

I: … reply inaudible

GV: Are you aware of your Mothers emotional space at the time of your birth and during her pregnancy with you?

I: I don’t…

GV: This would explain her fear to allow you into the world by her body not dilating to give you space to come forward. Do you understand that? Have you ever explored past life death experiences? Have you accessed your most recent past life death experience? What did you experience during that memory?

I: Watching my child …(Faded out)..

GV: Have you had any other past life death memory?

I: Yes, one involving my mother… and one previous one where I fell pregnant and the death of (Faded Out)….

GV: Your cellular pattern is that Life equals Death, not just physically but on every other level. I Venus will personally assist you in facilitating your healing process.

When you have your next menstrual cycle, on the first day begin a ceremony, first day of the ceremony you must set the intention that you are willing to release the Past-Life Death Trauma’s you remember. Set the intension at the onset of your day. Take the menstrual blood you shed from that morning and bury it in the Earth,with the intention that all of those pains and trauma’s be buried with the life force you are giving to Mother Earth. Ask that she transcend it with you. Let me just explain that when I say “Take the first menstrual blood” you do not have to put it in your hands or a container, simply take whatever object you use to absorb the flow and you will bury that. Is it clear?

Bury it deep in the Earth as deep as you can. With it bury an Amethyst and Bloodstone. On the second day perform the same ceremony. In the morning on the second day bury with it Carnelian and Quartz with the same intentions. The intensions are that you release all the traumas of your Past Life Death memories (End of Tape1) … also set your intensions that you will integrate the new energy therefore what you have released (beginning of new Tape) … that Mothers Earth support and facilitate transcendence process. On the third day you do not have to bury any crystals. On the forth day your ceremony will be purely one of calling forth the light of the Universal Goddess and your Fully Mastered and Christed self of the Light. Visualise this energy being held in your sacral chakra and lightening the load you have carried through many cycles. On the fifth day you will complete your ceremony of giving thanks and accepting the life you have chosen and the path that you have walked. During your ceremonies you may find other emotions or images, feelings or thoughts coming to the fore, simply follow what you feel and express what must be said. Intend whatever your soul inspires you to intend for.

You may find yourself having to forgive, to let go, to recognise and acknowledge any aspect of your life. Do this for three menstrual cycles and with each one that comes and goes you will have released and integrated yet another level of your Goddess. During the three months I shall personally assist you in addressing your self-worth issues and all the issues of abandonment, and rejection you have faced for many cycles, as well as issues around the sense of inadequacy and the fear of failure you feel. Does this all make sense to you? It is important that on every day of your menstrual cycle ceremony that you invoke my energy to overlight you and work with you and at any other time as well.

I: Goddess Venus the first day, the stones one is the Bloodstone what is the other?

GV: Amethyst.

Sisters my time is coming to an end and I need to end this transmission.

I ask you to reintegrate the messages brought to you today as often as you can until honouring the Goddess becomes your second nature. Walk the Goddess walk, talk the Goddess talk, and live your life authentically. You do not need to be distracted anymore by the expectations of the external world. You do not have to be controlled or governed or dictated to by the specifications of the external world on how you should look, what you should feel, what you should think and how you should behave.

Goddess, the individual she is, is unique, she is divine and every individual Goddess who comes together with every other individual Goddess forms a very powerful grid of Light. For the individuated Goddess is an empowered Light, she does not loose herself in any other’s light, she holds herself firmly in the Light and Strength of all that is, she can be a beacon for anyone else and can stand together with every other Goddess and not feel any less about herself.

This is the first phase of integrating the Goddess. There are still many more phases to come, phases which will need to be integrated by humans from the male gender too. In time it will happen for now you have your work cut out for you.

Blessings and farewell.

Lord Kuthumi

I am Kuthumi and I return to be with you at this point. Greetings sisters.

Kuthumi, Venus, Maitreya, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel hold the grid of Light with the 44 Princesses of Venus to assist each of you and facilitate the divine grid work, the network of Light that each of you Goddess’s have created.

Sisters we ask that over the next week you visualise the Light of the Universal Mother penetrating the form of Mother Goddess bringing life to her body and supporting each of you in releasing whatever trauma you have held within your body over your sexual chakras that have limited or inhibited your ability to completely release and be liberated

The truth shall set you free, this means that your insights that show you the truth about your reality is what create the space for you to surrender, creates the space for you to safely let go and trust that what lies before you will not harm you but rather embrace you and guide you into a new experience.

The roles at which the Goddess consciousness is being integrated has increased dramatically. Many women are stepping into their Goddess Light, you are doing the same. You may have your masculine side challenged not because you must deny it or give it up, simply because you need to allow the God and Goddess within to unite and work alongside more. Your God within the Goddess is learning to thrive rather than having to simply survive, that is the challenge of the second face of the Goddess the Warrioress Goddess which is often severely misinterpreted.

Beloved sisters, may the light of the Universal Goddess embrace each of you, and may you be free to express your true identity.

So Sisters trust the many invisible arms that hold you, that comfort an carry you, and know that not ever do you or have you walked alone. Acknowledge the time of great change is already upon you. Acknowledge that you are experiencing the greatest shifts in Planetary Spiritual history, and know that what you create is what will give you life, or exclude you from life.

Beloved ones may everything that you require to bring your Goddess into her Full Divine Balanced Expression, be provided under grace in perfect harmonious and abundant ways and may all always be well in your World.

I am Kuthumi Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. ADONAI

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