Group Reiki Healing Experiments

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I have been thinking for some time now about starting either a blog or a group of some sort for members to send Reiki and any other positive energies that they can channel on a regular basis as a group. The focus would not be on individual healing as they are many excellent groups doing just that but on offering healing energies to larger things like earthquakes, major bad weather, current and old battlefields, and sites of pivotal events that negatively effected large groups of people. I feel that healing the originating or trigger event for group trauma might be as fruitful as healing it is for an individual’s trauma. In any event it won’t harm anyone to try this so why not go for it?

My first thought is anyone going to be interested? What to call the group and would it be best to set it up on a yahoo group? Yahoo groups let people read and post either on site or via email. If the archives are public one can read them via RSS.

If I do this my thought is to request members to post requests for healing of current problems as they crop up and then picking an older event on a weekly basis to include in the group treatment. We would pick a time for everyone to visualize sending together to make use of the group amplification effect for I have noticed working in groups appears to be more powerful than mere addition would account for. I also find it even more fun, but that is just me. Those unable to take part at the exact time would use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or intention to retroactively or pre-actively join in the group send.

So what do you who read this blog think? Worthwhile idea that you might wish to take part in? I know I need advice in this also because I am American with an American education lacking knowledge in so much of the goings on of the world. To make sure as many problems as possible are offered Reiki the group will need a variety of participants. So please if you would post suggestions, comments, and the probability of taking part please post.


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