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Starchild Earthlog Nov 18th The Earth Awakens to the Light…..the Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passions

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I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

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Diamond Heart

The Earth Awakens to the Light…..the Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passions

Patricia Weber of Canada sent me a mail a few days ago saying that we, as Lightworkers, needed to perhaps rethink some of the ideas and concepts that we have been working with recently. I think that as we move into this new place, we are really going to have to think about how we can support ourselves and others, and how we can support a person and love them, even if we do not accept their view of life. Again, I had a mail from a reader in Spain to express how hard it was to live with her family because her way of seeing life was so different from theirs. Yes, indeed, but that doesn’t make it right or wrong. I guess it is only deep and unconditional love that will make it acceptable for us to be with others and to understand that what they feel is their truth and is valid for them. It need not be so for us, and we can be accepting of that and of them.

As Lightworkers, I think we need to see the Light and not the Darkness right now. Another friend wrote to me yesterday about the how we were were having to accept all that was “dark” in ourselves and not to fear it or reject it. Yes, I would just express it differently, I would say that we are having to accept what we feel and to be ok with what we feel, no matter what it is. If we are angry, there is a reason for it, it is better to accept that and to find out why, and to make the changes that we need, rather than to just “accept” that we are not being loving and that we are in “fear” and go on with life. Anger is a signal that all is not well, so don’t repress it, be with it, and find out what it is telling you. If it seeks changes in your life, then make those changes. It takes courage, it takes strength, it asks you to be in your Personal Power. It asks you to keep re-creating yourself as you learn more about yourself and who you are and what you want in life.

The intense Light is bringing intense change. One of the greatest changes is the ability to be Passionate and to connect with the Passions of the Heart. We are clearing out old coping mechanisms that say if you feel passions, then you are “bad”. So many people say to me that they cannot find their passions in life, and this is one of the main reasons why. We repress our feelings and we don’t allow ourselves to feel the depth and intensity of what happens within us. We probably learnt this when went to school and had to suppress our natural energies to sit behind a desk all day and think. After a while we shifted totally into our minds, and we learnt to think rather than feel. And so, we judge each feeling…,that is good, that is bad……,and our mind sets up a control system over the Heart and its feelings, not allowing any expressions of powerful intensity because that is ‘bad”. And so, in times when the light intensifies and we feel in an intense way, we feel “bad” literally within our bodies, because we cannot cope with the intense waves of passion and feeling that are passing through as.

We were designed by a Loving Creator to be able to hold these energies. These waves are nothing more than an expression of Divine Unconditional Love. Our recent activations of our Light Bodies, the Solar Light Body and the Galactic Light Body, mean that we are wired to carry these Cosmic waves that express Love and Joy. But, right now, we are having to re-boot our inner computers to allow us to feel and express these powerful waves in our bodies as well. The so-called “Ascension symptoms” that we feel in our bodies occur when the physical body tries to align with the Light Bodies, and feels blocked and unable to carry the energy. Right now we are “blowing out” all the blocks so that we can carry our full quotient of Light in our bodies. And these blocks are ways of being and perceiving that block the flow of passion from the Heart and Soul that seek to be expressed as Love in the World.

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7:7 Gateway & Magic, Miracles, Abundance Manifestation Channelling

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

7:7 Gateway & Magic, Miracles, Abundance Manifestation Channelling
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Friday, 7 July, 2006 at JHB, South Africa

If you have ever wondered if we are doomed to remain in poverty and lack forever, then I suggest you read this and open your mind and heart, and allow it all in!

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of, love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of flow, abundance, joy and celebration, greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi!

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Brothers and sisters, today is the day, of magic and miracles manifesting within the heart of humanity. All of you here today are open to receive the abundance blessings the Great White Brotherhood and Lord Merlin have brought forth for your planet. This energy is one to be utilised with wisdom, integrity and sincerity. One that we bring to the light workers of the planet, for you have earned your right to utilise the power manifest within all systems of creation and continue to create that which shall empower human kind.

I Kuthumi, will hold the vibrations of your 4 lower bodies to integrate the energies Lord Merlin shall bring forth today. I prepare each of you now for the drawing in of this energy and I shall take my leave to make way for Lord Merlin and I shall communicate with you later, therefore blessings and Adonai.


I am Merlin, greetings and welcome


I stand within the presence, of the 7th ray, of indigo light. This light I bestow upon each of you for the purpose of bringing forth the magic of the violet energy. I, Merlin and St Germain, are very busy at this time bringing to humanity the Violet and Indigo Rays that shall result in many levels of humanity’s consciousness being set free.

For many cycles of human evolution people have experienced entrapment of the consciousness, resulting in humanities belief that to serve the light of spirit one must live in a state of poverty. The energies we anchor on your earth today come to serve you and come for the purpose of shattering the old belief system that a saint is simple in pocket and mind. I tell you now that is no longer a truth and in fact never was a truth. You deserve to live your life abundantly, to experience the abundance of the creative universe and to make use of that power to empower those who have as yet not reached the same level of consciousness illumination that you have.

We are present here today to assist each of you in activating your abundance chakras. These chakras are held within the throat chakra area. Perhaps many of you are not aware of the fact that your throat chakra is a very powerful manifestation tool. Each word that falls from your lips creates an energy resulting in a constructive force or a destructive force.

Very recently Kuthumi spoke of the energies coming forth that are breaking down the constructs of deceit, illusion and deception. That is very active at this time and you will find in many areas of your own life where there has been deception and deliberate deceit and illusion of any sort it will fall revealing to you the authentic form of love behind it.

Living your life applying golden wisdom and drawing consciousness from the golden dimensions equips you with the inner knowing and know how regarding the manifestation of alchemy. You are the forerunners in the anchoring of the new vibrational template for Goddess Gaia as a single entity of consciousness, as well as every single human being upon the planet, which merges with Gaia forming the collective consciousness.

At this time I Merlin, am working with a total of 1,4 million souls, light workers in fact, to bring into physical manifestation the divine gold print of the original golden age that you are all ready to live in. I have spread my energy far and wide, for it is this creative energy that will inspire and empower people to make the differences that will make the difference in many people’s lives.

Yesterday, the light workers were given their wings; you earned your wings, you stepped into the angelic realms of communication and service. This means, for those of you who weren’t present yesterday, you are officially angelic messengers of Mother-Father God. With it comes responsibility. Every level of light that one lives within consists of a set of principles that one must live by which results in additional responsibility to be taken.

Before we go into the activation of your abundance chakras, I must first inform you of the responsibility you will be taking on in your choice to allow this new 7:7 gateway abundance energy to filter into your life. This gateway is bringing to the etheric body of Mother Earth an imprinted coding that shall be held in place for a period of 5 years at which time the gate will be closed. This is not for the purpose of depriving anybody of that energy, it is simply because there will be new energies that shall then come forth.

Therefore it is vitally important that those of you who are receptive to these new energies take action, in other words strike while the iron is hot. This energy is unlike anything you have known before. For some of you at times it may be “too good to be true” and Kuthumi spoke about that yesterday I believe.

You have all called for the forces of abundance to come into your life, you have begged and asked us to give you leeway, to have mercy on your soul and the Great White Brotherhood has granted you your wish and the energy is before you. The big question is, do you have the guts to embrace this energy? Are you willing to toss out all your old belief systems and create something new, because can I tell you something now, it is all those old bloody belief systems that trip you up!!


It is all that other nonsense that you choose to hold on to for dear life that leaves you standing in the same quagmire of nonsense, day in and day out. So I ask you, do you have the guts? We have risen to the occasion. Will you? Will you?

Yes, laughter

We will see about that! It is very important that you understand that for the majority of your life you have been exposed to negative imprinting. If in this particular incarnation you have not experienced tremendous amounts of negative imprinting revolving around financial abundance specifically, then, in parallel lifetimes you are probably experiencing this. Now, for those of you who don’t know, there is in fact no such thing as a past life. It doesn’t exist. Oh gosh, you thought I believed in reincarnation!


I do but I don’t, the reason why I say that there is no such thing as a past life is because everything is in a parallel or alternate existence, so what you believe as being a past life is in fact a parallel lifetime. All the timelines are being experienced simultaneously. You are not just the one bit of human flesh that you see everyday, in the body that you have created for this timeline. You have hundreds of other creations; all facets of the original monad, having an experience in either a human body or any other form that you decided would best serve your journey as a soul through many timelines.

With that made clear let us go back to what we were talking about. Those belief systems, that encoded energy is stored within your subconscious. When you experience situations you draw information from your subconscious. The first time you experience something negative or positive, the subconscious stores the information and every time you have an experience that vaguely resembles the original experience, the subconscious emits that original response or reaction. This is why many people find themselves having great difficulty and feeling very frustrated when with every ounce of their conscious being is wishing and willing to change their situation. But if the subconscious is not co-operating, it is like running into the same old brick wall every morning and not getting the message across that there is a brick wall!


So the 7:7 gateway is taking you into the quantum fields of energy through the 7th dimension for a very important reason. The reason being to flush your subconscious of all the old negative belief systems around financial abundance. Now some of you may already be experiencing financial abundance but there is a part of you that is afraid that perhaps you will not have enough. Some of you may be very successful, but find yourself at times struggling with the fear that you may not be able to maintain the success, therefore your intention or your motivation is not one purely of love, it is in fact one of fear, the fear of failure. So you know who you are and I trust you know why you are here today.

If any of this applies to you, you will then understand that the subconscious flush is very important for all of you. Many people in this room today are having to deal with the negative programs around money taken on from their parents, and others of you are experiencing the negative imprint from religion relating to wealth and abundance. All of this will be flushed out of the subconscious. It will however take approximately 3 to 6 months for the energy to be completely cleared during which time you will be faced with the opportunity to prove yourself right, because you said to me you had the guts to do this and override the old programs of a negative, paralysing and sabotaging nature.

When you are presented with millions of rands, dollars, pounds etc, how will you handle it? What will you do with that money? What will it do to you psychologically? Will your belief systems result in you squandering it or giving it away, because you are too afraid to keep anything for yourself? These are very important questions, ones you must ask yourself because the energy we are bringing today has the potential to result in millions of rands coming your way. How will you handle it? What will you do with it? Or will you run away from it? This is why I said, many will be faced with the challenge of “this is too good to be true.” And, the cherry on top of that cream cake..


…is that it will come to you with ease. Now I know, as do all the other masters of your universe, that humanity finds the simplest things the most bloody difficult to do! (Laughter) Now where does that logic come from, where does it come from? Do any of you have any idea? (pause) It comes from your ego! There are many levels of your personal fear that you are now in a position to give the boot permanently. Use that image in your mind of literally booting that old paradigm belief system out of your life permanently.

Brothers and sisters, being here today will change many areas of your life because you are welcoming the 7:7 energy into your life. Whether you will utilise it to its fullest potential or not is bottom line, your choice. I am here to tell you that we have heard your request and we are bringing you the means to manifest the miracle of magic in your life and yes, it will be easy and sometimes it may appear to be too good to be true, but the time of struggle as we have promised in the past, has come to its end for those who are willing to embrace the opportunity.

With this amount of financial abundance all spirit is asking in return is that you utilise it wisely and that you utilisepart of it at least to empower those who live in a state of poverty consciousness because they know no better, those who are victim to the abuse of power from others. The Great White Brotherhood has agreed to bring this energy forth because we see the potential for setting millions of souls free. With this amount of funds at your disposal you will be in a position to take children off the streets, put them in homes, clothe them and teach them life skills, educate them.

You will be in a position to bring in therapists if needed to help these children heal the wounds of their past. You will be in a position to assist adults who have made mistakes in their lives that they are now paying the price for. You will be able to help women in abusive destructive relationships to build their faith in themselves you will be able to help the animals of your planet, the environment of your planet and things like saving the whales will become a piece of cake.


With a cherry on top, why? because you will have the finances at your disposal to do it. You just need to get past that initial program of it is too good to be true and the other one that many of you grapple with is, “I don’t deserve it”. You may not say it consciously, but subconsciously that is the belief that a number of you live by each day.

How many of you work yourself into a state of stress everyday just to make ends meet and come the end of the month you are lucky if you have a few pennies in your bank account?! How many of you spend most of your month worrying about the end of the month and when it comes there is a sigh of relief when you get your pay check and then you panic again because the pay check doesn’t stretch far enough and then you start worrying about the next month? Do you understand? Do you get the picture?

It is not meant to be like that, but you are ready to show the rest of the world that it can be done. There is another energy present today and he is in actual fact in physical body on your earth at this time who is carrying a large part of my energy and he has shown the world the power of belief in self and the magic of miracles and the miracles that exist within magic. This man began his journey in his adolescent years. He in fact through his choices, has been holding the 7th dimensional gateway with me Merlin for the last 20 years. He has made choices in his life at this time in the form of service to humanity and he has been serving humanity to a large degree already, but now it is time to give the power to the people and the person I speak of all of you know, it is Sir Richard Branson.

This man is a representative of the 7th dimension of magic and miracles and he is here to show humanity that you can be a person of integrity and a person of creativity living life to its fullest and never losing touch with spirit. He makes dreams possible for many. Today I anchor the DADA program Dream A Dream Alive. This program I Merlin, am overseeing personally and we ask all of you either in your personal capacity or as a group to implement systems that will empower the people of your community. There are many areas that will benefit humanity. An example would be teaching children to sustain themselves throughout their lives. Giving the basic education needed but bringing out their talents, creating communities where people can work the earth growing organic fruit and vegetables which will feed the bodies of people in a healthy way.

Light workers, the list is endless and all of you have your own creative projects and ideas to assist people with too and we ask you to dream it alive and to be an angelic messenger for those who need the assistance. Do you understand this all so far?


Now let us begin with the energy work and activating your abundance chakras. Therefore I need you to close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in your seat. Take a moment to concentrate on how you are breathing, be sure you are taking a deep breath in through your nose and exhaling fully through your mouth.

(Pause) Imagine your chakras aligning and your body releasing whatever stress or tension is held within it. Take a moment to invite your personal guides and angels into your personal sacred space. If you are giving permission for your abundance chakras to be activated, then give permission for me Merlin to step fully into your energy field to facilitate it.

(Pause) Call upon any animal or mineral guardian or guide that you work with whom you wish to have present today. (Pause) Begin imagining a magnificent violet ball of light forming around you. This violet light consists of billions of vibrations of energy, and each spark of energy creates an ignition of consciousness within your body.(Pause)

Imagine the violet ray penetrating what you would perceive as your subconscious mind. (Pause) Now visualise the violet ray washing through your subconscious and initiating the process of removing your debilitating negative and self-sabotaging belief systems around financial abundance and deservability.

(Pause) The pulses of energy in the violet ray begin to stir new life in the subconscious, which will result in the manifestation of a new morphogenetic field around you that will store the information of abundance in all its forms. You will be in a position to draw information from this morphogenetic field to motivate you in the direction of soul liberation, financial freedom and spiritual illumination.

Open your energy field to welcome the energies now passing through the 7:7 gateway. You are now being flooded with the magical energy of the quantum world, breathe this energy in and allow it to extend into all your bodies and every fragment of energy existing in parallel and alternate realities extending into all the multidimensional aspects of yourself. (Pause)

Now become aware of a beautiful golden light emerging from within the violet ray. (Pause) This golden light is the golden consciousness you have created. This is all the baser aspects of yourself that you have already turned into golden wisdom. Imagine this gold energy washing through your subconscious and becoming one with the violet ray. (Pause) Take a deep breath in through your nose exhaling fully through your mouth and giving yourself space to breathe the energy in and to allow it to penetrate the very core of your being. (Pause)

Imagine the golden energy within the violet ray moving down to your throat chakra. Very gently it moves in an upward spiral direction and then remains in one place the spiral rotating in your throat. I, Lord Merlin and Lord Kuthumi, approach you. I place the palm of my left hand on the front of your throat and Lord Kuthumi places the palm of his left hand on the back of your throat. Imagine the warmth of our hands touching your skin. (Pause)

Take a breath in and as you exhale we activate the energies you require to bring to life your abundance chakras. Imagine brilliant gold and violet balls of energy coming to life in your throat chakra. There are 144 of them all together. These golden violet balls of energy are your abundance chakras. Some of you may be feeling a tingling sensation in your throat as a result of this. You may feel as if your throat is expanding. Just breathe into the process.

Now what will happen is you will retain 44 of the abundance chakras in your throat chakra the other 100 are going to begin to move into your spinal column and will be held within your spine from cervical 1 all the way down to the coccyx. When you are ready imagine 100 golden violet balls of energy filtering into your spine at cervical 1. (Pause)

Remember to breathe in deeply and exhale fully as you need to give your body space through the utilisation of breath to bring the energy in. When you stop breathing the energy stops flowing.

The reason we have left 44 abundance chakras in your throat is because it is the number of the Master Inventor. This energy facilitates the creation of new foundations, foundations that shall be able to hold the new inventions of creation, systems that you will create as a result of this new abundant energy.

The 100 abundance chakras now flowing up and down you spine between cervical 1 and the coccyx bone, will ensure that all the chakras from the throat to the base are kept in alignment with the principles of abundance, integrity and sincerity. This will also continue to facilitate the alchemy practise of turning your base aspects of consciousness into golden consciousness. So take another deep breathe in exhaling fully acknowledging the Master Inventor energy that you are now anchoring throughout your entire chakric system.

The anchoring of this energy is now emitting very small but powerful vibrations that shall create magnetic frequencies to attract to you the opportunities to bring the financial abundance you deserve into your life. I, Lord Merlin now move my hand from your throat to your heart and place the palm of my right hand in the small of your back. Kuthumi moves his left hand to the solar plexus and places his right hand over your heart chakra at the back. Breathe in as the energies are shifted through your chakras and another very powerful vibration of your personal power is stirred deep within your solar plexus and heart chakras, and within your base and your throat.

Imagine opening your 3rd eye and crown chakras and imagine the flow of the 7th dimensional energy of magic and miracles filling you up through your 3rd eye and crown. (Pause) Imagine this energy filling every cell in your body, your bones, your organs, your blood. Let it fill up your flesh, right under your skin, until it starts to seep through every pore of your skin. It begins to fill up your aura and from your aura it moves into all your light bodies including your emotional and your mental bodies.

Now inside the silence of your mind please will you repeat these words after me.

* I, ….. and state your name, consciously and willingly open every aspect of my being to fully and completely accept, integrate and completely anchor on earth all the abundance the Great White Brotherhood and Lord Merlin have brought to me today.
* I willingly take responsibility for all this abundance and assure spirit that I will use this abundance to empower myself and all of those who magnetically find me, and to whom I am magnetically attracted to assist.
* I consciously request that the Great White Brotherhood utilise the Violet Ray with the Golden Consciousness energy to continue the flush through my subconscious of all old paradigm belief systems that have prevented me from experiencing abundance in all its forms simultaneously.
* I now open myself to align consciously with the Great White Brotherhood and in so doing open the avenues of communication which I understand the Great White Brotherhood will utilise to communicate to me projects of light they wish me to be a part of and in so doing, bringing magic and miracles to the lives of others.
* I acknowledge my truth and I am willing to acknowledge my power and use it to set myself free and for the greater good of the whole.
* I am willing to be open-minded, to be receptive and do whatever it takes to make my life worth living. And so it is and so it shall be.

This commitment and invocation beloved initiates has created a magnetic field around you that will ensure that all opportunities that could bring financial abundance to you that you deserve come to you under grace in perfect harmonious and miraculous ways.

Be receptive it is very important, listen to what people have to say to you, follow your instinct, allow the inspiration of spirit to motivate you in directions that will lead to you being free and being in a position to free those who have been waiting for you, their angelic messenger.

My time with you is now coming to an end we wish you to stay in this state of altered consciousness because Lord Kuthumi needs to complete the process with you. It has been my honour to bring forth the energies to you to activate your abundance chakras with Lord Kuthumi and I assure you of my constant presence. I am only a thought or a call away, you need not use your cell phone jut say “Merlin”.


I will reveal myself to you through the number 7 and when you see a 777, know that I am in your head!


That’s how close I am. The triple 7 is your signal to get your butt into gear and believe in yourself. To believe in the power of the creative forces, that exist within you and all around you. This is your time of learning how when one works in unison with the elements, when one surrenders to synchronicity, you are guaranteed the magic of miracles. On that note I will take my leave leaving all of you with a great big sloppy kiss on your forehead!


Lots of love and I will be in touch, I promise, be well, farewell.

I am Kuthumi and I return at this point, greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi

Beloved ones you are still being held within the violet ball of energy with the golden consciousness in it. We have settled your 144 abundance chakras. It is important however that if any of you are planning on having any massage done on your body over the next 14 days that your spine is not massaged. This area of your body is at this time very sensitive and will be for the duration of the next 14 days.

Please take a deep breath in through your nose now, exhaling through your mouth and allowing all the energies that you have breathed into your body to settle comfortably. The energies you have welcomed into your energy fields are ones that will affect your life for the rest of your days on earth.

I cannot even begin to tell you how magical the energies are and this past week has been a celebration of incredibly beautiful and very powerful energies. We celebrate when we see how many of the light workers are consciously willing to consciously open themselves to take the energy in, to use it and to grow with it.

Beloved ones I must also add at this time that the Great White Brotherhood has called you all together, specifically for the purpose of integrating an aspect of the 7:7 gate. This portal then becomes a part of you and you become a guardian of the 7:7 gate, a guardian to the quantum world of magic and miracles. Sir Richard Branson has been the main overseeing gatekeeper for this dimension for the physical earth plain specifically, simply because he is in a physical body. That energy is now being spread to all the other light workers and specifically the 1.4 million light workers Lord Merlin is working with.

It is of the utmost importance, that we anchor the abundance grids before the end of 2008 for that is when many new ascension waves will come forward opening the way for you to all move into very new realms of experience in life and yourself. The wisdom of the ancient ones is coming to bless all of you. They have made their connection with those who are ready and willing to work with them. The magic of life is a gift to be shared, it is a gift to be experienced in its fullest. What is the use of a gift unopened, shoved in a closet gathering dust? You may be in dire need of something very important, but because you never bothered to open the gift, you didn’t know it was in you closet. It is exactly the same with the energies that spirit presents you all with.

Take another deep breath in beloved ones and breathe out. The violet ray is now completely sealed in your sacred space body. Your merkaba body is integrating these very important abundance chakra energies. For the next 24 hours you may be very aware of your merkaba body physically or consciously. If you find yourself feeling very light headed or feeling as if you are standing on a raft in the open ocean, just sit down physically on the earth and imagine yourself connecting with mother earth and her wrapping her arms around you and holding you close to her body.

I wish with all of my being I could verbalise to you what you have experienced today and what the Great White Brotherhood has brought to humanity over the past 12 days. The best way for us to share this with you is by asking you to be receptive to the magnificent energies that are around you, to respond to the inspirations, to respond to the knock on the door of your heart, opening it to welcome your soul in. This is the 1st day of the rest of your new life.

As Merlin said “are you willing to respond, are you willing to take full advantage of that which you have intended for that spirit has brought?” Many times you ask, and you ask, and you ask and we knock, and we knock, and we knock, but you don’t open the door and the reason why you do this is because you are afraid that what stands behind the door may be something that affirms your fears and your belief in lack rather than it being the answer to your prayer.

That time is over, you are experiencing the Golden Age already, you do not have to wait for 2012. You are the forerunners in the Golden Age movement and the reason why we use the word movement is because the energy is moving forward. You are the lions roaring your truth, no longer do you walk in sheep’s clothing. All of you were born to be different, so don’t try and fit into systems that do not support you. Look at yourself in the mirror and love all the parts of you that are different, that are wild, wacky and wonderful.

Do not be afraid of what others may think of you or say about you because you have chosen to be true to yourself. What is more valuable to you, denying your truth to fit into the comfort zones of others so they can feel comfortable with you therefore you’re supporting their illusion, or standing fully in the light of your truth, roaring your truth and living your life to its fullest?

The modern age is a wonderful one. Spiritual illumination is rushing through many hearts and minds of women, men and children on your planet. Give them a chance to experience you authentically. The more you hide behind your mask the more difficult you make it for people to experience the truth of you. The game of hide and seek has long ended. Step out from behind the closet you have been hiding behind or in and show yourself. Your true colours are not something to be ashamed of. Your true colours are what have earned you your wings. Your true colours are what have gotten you to the point where you are now.

It has taken courage to face your ego, it has taken strength and perseverance to believe in yourself and not fall back into the old way. You have stepped out of many comfort zones. You are almost at the top of the mountain of this one last hurdle that shall take you into financial freedom, a position that many of you have called for because of your desire to set other souls free. Many of you have said “I want to help humanity but how can I if I have no money?” Now you are getting it and you can do what you have come to do. I Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, walk before you and behind you, I walk beside you to your left and your right, I am above you and I am below, I have you surrounded!


So beloved ones trust in those many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever have you been alone. You have walked many pathways, some have been more challenging than others and in some you experienced very, very, horrible traumatic deaths and other experiences but you, the person you are now in the body you have chosen now is responsible for paving the way, for the other aspects of yourself, to come into full consciousness.

You have, until the 21st of December 2008 to get your act together so to speak. During this time, leading up to 2008 in December, the masters will work very closely with you. Many of the star beings and the ancient ones will become an almost tangibly feature in your life at times. Yes, you will have many jaw dropping experiences, especially when you ask for something and a split second later your answer is there. Prepare yourself for this, I assure you initially it will be a shocking experience because you are not used to it. It is the same as seeing a ghost for the 1st time, I wonder who is whiter when that happens?


You ask to see, you ask to receive, you ask to hear but what happens when it comes to crunch time? Beloved ones, it is important that you know how deeply we love you and how much we appreciate everything that you do, for we in the higher dimensions are not always able to work in the physical realms as you do and you are our arms, legs, eyes and voices in the physical world. So we bring you your reward and it will not be limited to financial abundance. If you are willing to open your heart to love it will come. If you are open to opening yourself to yourself you will experience the bliss of self love and confidence like never before and this has absolutely nothing to do with vanity.

I repeat, you are the forerunners in this time of awakening. There are 100s and 1000s of you all over the world and we are transmitting our messages to all of you at this time. Take a chance and believe in yourself. The best way to develop self-respect is by taking a risk, for then you learn more about yourself. Do the things you have not done before, especially the things you have not done because you have been afraid of making a fool of yourself, or failing or disappointing others or yourself.

Act with integrity and sincerity and throw all caution to the wind, let your hair down and live a little to begin with and then we hope that you will live a lot!

The other aspect of today’s energy with regards to the magic and miracles, is the very powerful creative energy Lord Merlin is anchoring. He is the ultimate master of creativity in this Galaxy. He will be anchoring some very important grids at the Point of Gold, in September, with the Sirian Maters. The Sirian Masters are Dolphins for those of you who did not know this. The Point of Gold is Ponta Do Ouro in Mozambique. This is one of the most powerful points in Mother Earth’s emotional body at this time and also within the Indian Ocean specifically. The energies that are being anchored at that particular point are filtering through the entire body of water of Mother Earth’s body emitting the frequencies to help stir to life the creative force within humanity. This means you will also be able to experience longevity like never before. Throw away your jars of cream ladies..


..and indulge in some light, laughter and creativity which is the essence of love and is the fountain of youth and you will be glowing with light because you are in love with life and you are creating and you are giving, receiving, being and doing, living your life to its fullest, your wrinkles will disappear! Perhaps a little laugh lines, but that comes with the territory of laughing all the time. You could also develop yourself a very firm tummy with all the laughter.

Beloved ones this will extend the life span for humanity. It is this act of creativity that shall bring many senior citizens back to life. This energy is to be shared with all even children who are considered mentally incapable of comprehension. The mentally challenged, as they call it, are very aware on other levels and will benefit too. Do you all understand this?


Very well, the Great White Brotherhood are now ready to seal all the 7:7 gateway energies in your energy field and all your bodies leading all the way through to your monad.

Take a deep breathe in exhaling through your mouth and giving thanks for all the energies you have integrated today. Give thanks to the Great White Brotherhood, give thanks to Lord Merlin, give thanks to all your personal guides, helpers and guardians who have witnessed this beautiful process today.

Before you give thanks to yourself welcome a disk of emerald green light given to you by one of the Lords of Manifestation known as the Ascended Master Hilarion. He places this in your throat chakra. This emerald vibration emitted through the disk formation aligns with the energies that Lord Thoth anchored yesterday. Give thanks to Lord Hilarion and now give thanks to yourself for making the choice to experience today’s magnificent ceremony. Know that you will remain within the violet ray ball of energy around you and with this knowledge begin bringing yourself back into your physical body. Deep breath in exhaling through your mouth, moving your energy down your spine, down your legs and out through the soles of your feet spreading roots to the heart of Mother Earth’s body and anchoring you firmly back in your physical consciousness. To get the energy flowing rotate your neck, rotate your shoulders, pull them back and straighten your spine. Rotate your ankles and move your legs backwards and forward at the knee, rotate your wrists and all is flowing freely.

We bring to all of you, the profound blessings of universal love, trust and inspiration. You have welcomed the presence of spirit into your heart, into your mind and into your body. This presence will become a tangible feature in your life. You will be assured of this, people will notice the difference in your energy and will comment on it. You will feel different.

Take time to do things that result in you feeling full of abundance. If you are a lady or a gentleman who likes to dress up, dress yourself up so you feel rich, abundant, and energetic. Create the focus for yourself that you deserve to have all your needs met, that you deserve to feel that you deserve to love and be loved, that you deserve to be heard, to see and be seen. Acknowledge that you deserve the grace of spirit, the support and protection of spirit and begin playing with the idea that you are a free spirit, that you are simply moving beyond the ego game and stepping into opportunities of lifetimes that reveal to you the proof that you are a forerunner in the full anchoring of the golden age of complete soul liberation on earth.

In order to free others, you first must be free. The Great White Brotherhood has asked me to convey to you once more their gratitude and their love for you. Over the next 7 months, the Great White Brotherhood’s energy will be in very close proximity to the earth plane. This means the possibility of energies clearing faster than they have before is very strong. Your subconscious clearing may result at times in you feeling slightly disorientated, perhaps not knowing where you going especially when you are in your car on your way somewhere and you suddenly forget where you are, need we mention names?


Beloved ones, you are in a reorientation program, you are being re-orientated in the Golden Age energy. You are no longer in 3rd dimensional consciousness energy. You have moved beyond the 4th and 5th dimensional energy. You are active in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th dimensional conscious energies. Even though you are living within a 3rd dimensional earth plane, you are moving between dimensions, you are living multi-dimensionally. Sometimes you might feel that you are beside yourself because you are.


It will take some getting used to. This means you can be in many places at once, ladies. Beloved ones, jokes aside now, it has truly been a wonderful time anchoring this energy with all of you. We have been waiting many years to bestow this gift upon the light workers of the earth. You are ready and we are celebrating that.

May the light of Mother/Father God shine brightly upon the pathway before you. Know that your responsibility as a light worker will take you into many different facets of life. You will meet people of all walks, see God present within every person you interact with, never turn your back on one who seems less conscious than you for it is your pearls of wisdom that may be their key to freedom and of course then again looks can be very deceiving. Many a master has presented himself of herself to their initiate in the form of what many class a beggar or a hobo.

Trust that spirit is guiding you and the more you relinquish your ego’s control to your soul, the easier it will be to experience synchronicity and just in case you have forgotten, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everythingfor a reason, with a purpose and your purpose was to be here today, for today will lead you in the direction of greater purpose.

Beloved ones trust that all is well in your world and always will be well in your world. I Kuthumi, assure you of the opportunities that will bring you your financial abundance will come to you under grace in perfect, harmonious and simple ways, please be open.

Before we leave you take a brief moment to give thanks in your heart to all the souls who are present with you today, give thanks to all the other hundreds of thousands of light workers across your planet who have worked together to make it possible for these abundant energies to bestowed upon earth at this time.

Every morning try and remember to connect with the 44 gold and violet balls of energy in your throat, in other words your abundance chakras and the one hundred chakras along your spine. Take a few moments just to visualise them flowing up and down your spine and set the intention every day that everything you experience be in accordance with the highest will of your soul and the divine plan of Mother Earth.

Ask to be a divine messenger of Mother/Father God and to spread the wealth of spirit financially, mentally, creatively, spiritually, and emotionally. And as you give, you shall receive. This I promise you.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. I greet and bless you in love, Adonai.


This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please

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