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Fault Lines, Hot Spots, & Divergent Boundaries: A Reiki Healing Experiment

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The majority of earthquakes are caused by shifts along the fault lines and zones of the Earth’s crust, particularly along the edges of the tectonic plates. Others are caused by volcanoes located over suspected hotspots in the magma of the mantle. Still others occur along the divergent boundaries caused not by two tectonic plates scraping one another but by them separating such as the Mid-Atlantic ridge. I found this terribly interesting as a child and would be found glued to the TV watching educational documentaries on things like this. I still find it fascinating as an adult but now I know that massive death and destruction has occurred though out the ages when the Earth quaked and volcanoes spewed their deadly lava and smothering ash.

I do not seek or even hope to stop the Earth from her movements. My hope is that through seeking to heal and balance these activities by a growing, changing planet that the violence and danger may be diminished so that instead of a quake high on the Richter scale it may be eased into a smaller series of tremors. Perhaps somehow, someday volcanoes would seep lava instead of erupting so that wildlife and people can remove themselves from it’s path. When I send I send for balance, healing, and the highest good of all while hoping these things may result from that work.

Ground, Shield, Invite your Guides & Allies to help and support

If you wish ask that any beings of Divine Light and Divine Love willing to help to please clear and transmute any harmful energies in or near the fault lines and hot spots.

Send Reiki using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or intention to the systems of fault lines, hotspots and divergent boundaies that surround our world. Offer it to the nature spirits such as the Devas of the land who are willing to accept and use this energy to heal and balance the Earth. Use Sei Hei Ki, Cho Ku Rei and any other Reiki symbols you feel are useful at any time during the session.

End transmission and use Raku if wish to end the connection.

Ground again.


Diamond Heart

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