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The Wave of Love ~ video ~

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The Path to Global Peace Starts in Your Heart

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I know many kind people who while would never dream of being verbally and emotionally abusive to others treat themselves badly. They criticize and even mentally cuss themselves out for little errors and normal human mistakes. They lash out at themselves mentally and emotionally often in the manner a cruel parent, sibling or another authority figure treated them as a child. They continue the cycle of violence in this way only abusing themselves instead of others.

Creating a world where peace reigns requires that kindness be extended not just to to strangers and family but one’s very own self. When waging peace do not forget to extend the olive branch to yourself. Start peace talks in this internal war by examining your behavior. Would you treat a friend in this way? Would you tolerate someone treating your child like that? If not stop treating yourself like that. If you can channel healing energy like Reiki immediately self-treat for at least 1 minute after each self-criticism with the intention to heal it to the source. If you recall a particular insult being hurled at you by another in past make that part of your regular self-treatment until that wound is healed.

One by one acts like this increases the amount of Peace on Earth.

Diamond Heart

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Healing Request: Mr Kelud; Tabasco, Mexico; Carribean islands

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Scientists espect Mr Kelud in Indonesia to erupt soon. Tens of thousands are in probable range and can’t or won’t evacuate.

In Tobasco, Mexico food and clean water is running short and an estimated 1/2 million people are homeless. May are camping on the roofs of their still flooded homes.

Rains and flooding continue in Hati and others including Dominican Republic still cope with the damage from Noel.

Please send Reiki to heal all who were harmed and restore balance of Nature.

Diamond Heart

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